Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My 2014 Success Story

Beloved friends, compliments of the season. Tonight, as the golden voice of 2015 echoes in the gentle breeze, the palm fronds raise their hands in thanksgiving to God for a year well spent even as they wave goodbye to 2014. I still recall with lucidity, the words of Williams Shakespeare who observed human behaviour and exclaimed:“How sharper than the serpent’s tooth is it to have a thankless child”. It is for this reason, that I stand tall to express my indebtedness first to God and to all and sundry who were beneficial to me this concluding year.

By this time last year, I did not only pray for a‘better’ 2014 but I was optimistic that my 2014 was going to be better than the previous years. God just granted my prayers and I must confess that the just concluding year has been so eventful and full of wonderful and amazing stories that I cannot but appreciate God, my family, friends, benefactors and faculties for their individual and collective contributions.

This year 2013, I launched a campaign that motivated students to elect me as the president of my department in school after serving them as the PRO. The office of the departmental president was of course, very much coveted and in other to have my dream come true, I sacrificed my time and resources. At the end, I emerged victorious as the president. Despite the many distractions that came my way in the course of electioneering, at the end of the semester exams which immediately followed the elections, I recorded my best GP in my three years in FUTO.More still, I had my one and only brother  graduate with First Class honours in philosophy from a Pontifical University and you can imagine how I feel being a brother to a first class graduate. It’s a thing to be grateful to God for and I only hope I keep the ball rolling at that pace. LOL.

This year still, I was opportune to participate in a culinary competition in school and in a competition that involved over 700 students,my team came second and we went home with a very handsome sum. This same year, through the conferences and seminars I attended, I was privileged to encounter various outstanding personalities who have changed my perception about life. The experiences I gathered this past year have opened my eyes to greater possibilities, made me realize better opportunities and made me conscious of my increasing potentials. This year I got a glimpse of my true self and had a better picture of my passion. I discovered that the essence of life is to live for others and that is why I agree with Mandy Hale who believes that “There is nothing more beautiful that someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others”.

The quest to make life more beautiful for others especially for our youths, the year 2013 also saw me begin a social project I called “After School Initiative Nigeria” (ASIN) and in just few months, the project positively affected the lives of over 400 students in five secondary schools in Imo State. In addition to these, in 2014, I made great new friends and kept old friends that have supported me all the way.

Also, I have had amazing faculties here in school, people who are not only interested in teaching you in the lecture halls but are also ready to support you in every facet of your development. I have had some of my lecturers who went out of their way to fight for me and help seek justice on my behalf.  You’ve been phenomenal. God bless you. I can’t forget my fellow students in the department of Information Management Technology (FUTO). They’ve been an amazing set of students to work with. They’ve been ever supportive of my administration and have given me all the necessary support I need so far. God bless you all

Finally, as I join one and all to bid final farewell to 2014, I remain ever grateful to you all especially you reading through these lines. I am not ignorant of the fact that ingratitude dries up the rivers of divine favour and that is why I say “THANK YOU” once again.  May you have better testimonies in 2015. I am sure that what God has in stock for us is better described as “what no man has imagined”. May the coming year be a year of a greater manifestation of God’s goodness in our lives. Thanks for being part of my year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(c) Mundus 2014

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