Saturday, 2 August 2014

My Unilever "Royco Cooking Experience"

To some persons, Mundus is a blogger, to so many others a geek and to students in my department a Leader, but what not many of them know about me is that I am a good cook JJ, so when then they saw me yesterday with my Royco branded apron, religiously making the soup with my teammates with every precision of a trained chef, they were not just surprised but also felt I must be reading some tutorials online or probably streaming some "How to cook Ogbono soup" on Youtube as I was doing the cooking

The day started on  bright and optimistic note, I wasn't particularly sure of winning in the 'Royco Cooking Competition' I entered in for, the previous day since I later found out over 800 students also did same. But I was sure something good was lurking around me that morning. So When I got I call from Ifeoma telling me that the competition was about to start, I had to abandon everything I was doing to be with the Discover Unilever Africa brand; the organizers of the event.

After a talk was delivered by a Unilever staff, it was time for the main event of the day; the cooking competition. However, to get the chance to participate you must pass one hurdle; balloting. Over 800 teams indicated interest in the cooking competition and they needed just 10 teams, that's less than 2% of the entirely team. To cut the long story short, my team (TEAM SMILE) was picked as the  last(10th) team to join the other nine in the competition.

When the result of the cooking competition was finally announced we weren't last. We were the 1st runner-up! I went back home N40,000 richer.

However, before I started cooking proper I promised God that I will donate 20% of my winning to the #SaveDuruopkoChisom cause and that for sure I will do. So I will like to use this opportunity to appeal to our consciences, Chisom is one of us and if all FUTO students should donate just N100 she will be getting over N2,000,000 which is all she needs to take care of herself. No amount is too small. Someone told me yesterday "Mundus you've got good luck and favour following you around" and I replied, though in mind "Philanthropy is the secret". I wouldn't want to blow my trumpet but I want to awaken your consciousness towards doing charity. It pays!

To make your donations, you can do so through: Fidelity bank - Account Number 6016918387 - Account Name Duruokpo Ebere Paul.

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