Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hurray! I am Plus One Today

Wow! Today is a great day for all of us. Hope you are enjoying your day? Today is “that day” I have always imagined – the day I can comfortably increase the numerical strength of my age. A quarter past the twentieth hour that faithful day signaled the journey to an unknown land. Today it is already exactly two decades into the journey and who knows how far this journey is taking me? 

Before arriving at the destination, who says it is out of place taking a look behind the scene. That is why we have to take Socrates more serious for advising us that “an unexamined life is not worth living”. It is about time to examine the progress made so far as well as appreciate those whose support and friendship have been the catalysts for my progress in life.

My litany of personalities for appreciation cannot begin without a proper recognition of my family. They are simply the rock upon which my existence is solidified. No person in my shoes would ask for better parents or siblings. Their love, care and support are ever unflinching. In fact, I am sure God must have spent quality time in contemplation before planting me there.

I always count myself fortunate for the calibre of personalities I have as my dearest friends especially those who have always been around me. Each time I remember Excel, Ifeoma, Ekene, Immaculata, Dubem, Obiora, Toochi and a host of other friends, I simply imagine what life would have been for me without having encountered them. Their friendship inspires and supports my being.

God has been very gracious to me. I have never experienced lacking a need save for a tablet I am beginning to consider as a necessity. The Hand of God has always been there to provide for my needs through several instruments. I have never known failure in my academic career because the Lord is always there to crown my academic efforts with success. I am always recognized and favoured in the midst of my contemporaries. For all these and more, I cannot but express my sincere gratitude to God.

More still, for you reading this post now, you make my life more meaningful and valuable. I appreciate every contact we have made especially through the media. You have been very supportive and appreciative. You make me feel as relevant as I have always desired. Do you know what? My greatest goal in life is to be an instrument of positive change in the hand of God. I am dedicating my life for the service of the poor and less privileged because looking at them I see the Wounded Messiah looking for help. I only pray for the resources that would enable me give them a cause to smile. For this reason, I have decided to celebrate with a charity home this week.

However, this piece will be inconclusive if I fail to recognize those authors whose works have been an inexhaustible fountain of inspiration for me. How much I get my inspirations from books! Keith Harrell’s ‘Attitude is Everything’ is worthy of mention in this regard. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is for me a god in the world of literature. Her literary ingenuity laid the foundation for my academic curiosity. Picking up any of her works will do you a great good. My memory cannot at this time lose sight of Nido Qubein, Larry Page and the late Steve Jobs for the motivations and inspirations I have received from them.

Finally, thanks for creating the time to share my thoughts in this post. I cannot forget to appreciate your numerous congratulatory messages, good wishes and calls. In fact, you have made my day not only special but remarkable also. May the good lord in His infinite mercy provide for all your needs and make you understand that live is measured by how much you have impacted on the other person. You can do me a birthday favour by reaching out to someone in need today. Together let’s make the world a better place for a candle loses nothing by lighting another. One Love.

Uwakwe Martin Mundus

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