Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday chit chat

I knew I was going to write something today, but what it was going to be on eluded me. So here goes some incoherent rants from me.

It’s being more than a week since I last wrote down something. In fact the last time I wrote down a piece longer than twitter’s characteristic 140 characters was on the 24th of September an article I wrote for a church magazine in my can read it here if you didn’t.

So a whole lot has happened in the past few weeks. I got a new PC, a Sony Vaio laptop with super duper features; it’s good to be in love again. 

I also started running an online news portal . It’s good to be back to blogging and since then I’ve been blogging like hell thanks to ASUU, AIRTEL and ECN (formerly PHCN) for their cooperation. I now sleep for less than 4 hours every day, what matters is that I love my work and its paying... 

Now to serious matters, I am beginning to miss school. It’s been three months since I last saw most of my friends, three months since I last sold the Infoscope, three months since I last bought roasted yam from that old woman at the back of Hall B, three months since I last, three months since I last waited for {him} in front of Hostel C.....Ah, I can’t wait for ASUU to call of the strike but then  that doesn’t mean they should rush through the whole thing. Please dear ASUU; make sure you take your time. FG must honour to the very last all the contentious agreement they reached with you. There are no half measures this time around.

On Sunday, someone hacked into my email account and sent out spam mails to all my contacts, it was embarrassing logging in to my account and seeing some mails from ‘mailer daemon’ for those that weren’t delivered and I quickly clicked on the sent mails button, and there I saw dozens of mails sent out purportedly from me. Anyway I thank God that was where they ended; many would have gone further to do some bad bad things. So for all those who got mail from me, kindly ignore it, it wasn’t from me and I regret any inconveniences that particular mail might have caused you. I’m beefing up my security this time around. No lapses.

Also during the weekend I visited in my alma mater; St. Peters Seminary Okigwe to see some old friends. The feeling was awesome, not much has changed and I could remembered the skinny and malnourished Mundus running around, dodging one wicked prefect or the other, doing mischievous things lol....

I will be back during the week to give you guys some tutorials on how to avoid been scammed online. Scamming is in vogue and I think a lot of people ought to know how to make themselves less gullible and recognize one as soon they come. Till then, if it is too good to be true, it’s definitely not true.

 Have a wonderful week.


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