Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Me and Alchohol

About three years ago, when I left secondary school, a friend of mine invited me to a party in his house which I gladly obliged. I went there with one of my friends and as it’s usual with any party, the drinks were more than enough; beers, wines, spirits name them. In the course of the party, my friend offered me a bottle of beer; Star to be precise. Now this was the first time I was been faced with the temptation of taking anything alcoholic. Ever since I was born, I’ve never seen my dad taste alcohol, he detest it so much. Mum’s own was a little bit different because she sometimes takes palm wine, which contains a little amount of alcohol. My parents have always told us that we have ‘light brains’ which makes it incapacitated to handle the effects of alcohol. I never believed them; I thought it was just a ploy to scare us from even taking a sip. The mere mention of alcohol in our home exuded something disgusting, something ungodly and detestable. At a time we began seeing anybody who takes alcohol as a bad guy

So when I was presented with the wonderful opportunity of tasting how light my brain was, I had decided already to give it a shot, Not only had I decided to take it in order to test the veracity of the ‘light brain’ story my parents sold to us, it would be embarrassing if I rejected the drink on the grounds that I’ve not taken alcohol before. Though my parents advised me not to take alcohol, my refusal to consume it when everybody around me was taking one alcoholic drink or the other, would make them call me a small boy and they will make jest of me. No! my ego was more important to me as I uncorked the bottle.I was about to taste the forbidden fruit. I took the first gulp and the strong stench of alcohol filled my nostrils. The taste wasn’t anything to write home about or so I thought.  I wondered what was so special about it that people killed themselves for. I even heard that some people take half a dozen of bottles at a stretch without a pause.

I later forced myself to drink a little more as I made a solemn promise never to take beer again after that day. Nobody, not my friends will force me into taking beer again.No sooner had i taken the beer than I started feeling dizzy. My head became heavy that my neck could barely carry it.If I got all these just for half a bottle of star, I wonder what would have been my fate had I finished the entire bottle. Mum and Dad were right after all..I have a light brain....little wonder I did poorly in school 

That solemn promise I made to myself that day would have been compromised if not for my self-discipline. If what I faced then was temptation then what I have been facing since I entered the university is something bigger. Every day I am been faced with the temptation of bending my rule a little bit. Imagine walking into a bar with friends and demanding for fayrouz when every other person is going ‘strong’. One day someone told me something that startled me, he told me that a guy who doesn’t take alcohol, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t chase girls should be properly examined for that person is evil. How he reached at that conclusion continues to bother me up till now, probably he might have done his statistical analysis, came up with an inference, put it to test and it worked. Whichever way it is I thank God I chase girls (in my dreams) so I’m not evil after all.

The inspiration to write on this issue came as I was fetching water downstairs this morning; my eyes caught a guy who was puffing cannabis in the open with an affront that suggested it had been legalized. Why a young handsome guy will take to such a lifestyle eluded me. He looked so innocent and good to be associated with such an act. I knew immediately that it was the work of peer pressures.

Dear reader, the moment you begin to underestimate the influence your friends can have on your life, you are doomed. It takes someone with a strong will and self discipline coupled with divine guidance to swim through the oceans of friendship and come out uninfluenced. I wouldn’t advice anybody to mind the type of friends they choose because almost every grown up has heard that a thousand times, after all a word they say is enough for the wise. What I will tell anybody reading this piece is that you are solely responsible for any action you take. When the harm has been done; do not point any accusing finger to any of your friends. This is  because you allowed yourself to be influenced, by going ahead with that friendship when you know who he/she is already.

I have been opportune to talk to some chain smokers , drug abusers and alcoholics and one thing they have all confessed to is their willingness to stop these acts. But because they have been entangled in the web of these addictions they find it almost impossible to stop and have left their fate to divine intervention.

Only a tease from your friend can set you up into becoming an alcoholic or a chain smoker, but can a tease stop you from taking them when you become addicted? In fact most people who take these things never stop taking them until they turn perverts and probably do one queer or abominable thing or the other that will land them in jail. Have you ever wondered why every day, you keep hearing of news of rape, incest, suicide and other perversions?

Conclusively, it will make you much good if you stick to your guns in the face of seeming temptations, your friends will only call you a ‘Jew guy’ which is better than putting your head into something you aren’t sure of coming out from alive. To be on the safer side, flee from temptation as the bible will say. Be careful of the friends you pick. Take that decision today and stick to it. Drink responsibly, do not take drugs and remember that smoking is hazardous to your health. Be healthy and be good ambassadors of your homes.



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