Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Battle against Addiction...

It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it – Ken Hensley

Hello peeps! How was your weekend? I just hope it wasn’t as bad as mine. I spent a greater part of the weekend indoors…you know I wasn’t watching TV neither was I reading some Data structure textbook. I was on my bed covered with blanket. I had been caught with fever and an achy one for that matter. The temperature on my body was not smiling, hot enough to melt hell. I lost the appetite to eat and my jaws where unusually heavy that made mastication more or less like a herculean task. I hate been sick and not on weekends…does anyone enjoy been sick?

So that was how the damn illness shattered my plans for the weekend. I was supposed to meet with Dr. Nassir Feggae; ASUU president, to discuss ways on ending the current impasse between them and the FG, but I had to cancel the appointment. My health first…

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Thanks anyway to mum, I did respond well to treatment...I had no option anyway. I would have ended in some infirmary where the nurses would have to use my buttocks for some clinic tutorials if not for her. So when next you get the opportunity of reliving your life ask for nurse mum. #ThankMeLater.

Okay, unto serious matters and the reason for this post. Have you ever wondered why people who have been told that intake of tobacco would shorten their life span still find it difficult to align themselves with this warning? Have you wondered to ask why despite the inscriptions on Cigarette packs that “smokers are liable to die young” it still remains one of the most traded commodities worldwide. Does it mean people are becoming less afraid of death?……ADDICTION.

If you have never been told to choose your habits carefully, now hear it officially from my blog. Habits are not addictions but most times they lead to addictions. So you must be careful of the habits you choose. A habit is a matter of choice and can be stopped at anytime, but with addiction comes a psychological flavor that makes it almost impossible for you to change.

While some addictions are so serious that it demands the help of a psychologist or pastor, others are insignificant that they can just be lived it. Whatever, be the case addiction is always in the negative, what you are addicted to doesn’t matter. If you are addicted to reading books you sure do have a problem and needs to visit a counselor, I need not enumerate the many consequences of addiction. I saw a Nollywood movie where a mother traded her few months old baby for some ‘coke’. She was needed it badly, she had no money on her and the only option she had was to use the hapless baby as ransom. 

Now let’s get a little personal, so you understand what point this piece is trying to make. Growing up, I was this kid who detested seeing my nails grow out. I love them well manicured and neat so the moment I see them sprouting out, I cut them out...what a healthy habit it turned out to be…

When I entered the boarding school where I had no time to sit down do the manicure properly, I devised another quick, albeit better way of doing it. I started biting my fingers. It wasn’t a big deal then, though I knew it was unhygienic but then I said to myself that I wasn’t a night soil man after all. My hands are always clean **remembers dettol’s advert and covers eyes in shame**.

Five years later, I am yet to overcome that addiction. In 2010 it was my New Year resolution and it lasted as short as the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Barely few weeks into the New Year I discovered I was well into the old habit. In 2011, I did the same and nothing different from what happened the previous year happened.

Mum, has tried so much to help me stop it, no way. At a point I had to start rubbing some sour-tasting liquids on my fingers all to no avail. I get ashamed when girls look at my fingers and ask if I bite my finger. It belittles my personality and brings down my self esteem.

I have learnt to accept it as a cross while hoping that one day divine intervention will make me stop it. It’s something beggar than me. It’s something I cannot control.
My case is not different from that of so many others except that mine may be a little bit insignificant. A lot of people are dying because they just can stop taking cigarettes and alcohol. Woe betides you if you are addicted to taking expensive hard drugs like the cocaine. You will have to put up yourself as collateral one day.

If you are addicted to sex, then be sure to either end up behind jails or in the hangman’s noose because you will end up raping someone or molesting a minor for according to statistics over 70% of child molesters are sex addict.

Needless to advise you to be careful of whatever you do or the friends you keep. You better not taste that cigarette; you better not take that sip lest you leave your whole life in self guilt. Many on it are looking for ways to stop it but have not found any. You wouldn’t want your life to be a mess.

It isn’t my intention to paint the picture of addiction as something that is permanent. It can be cured, but will require someone with high level of self discipline and will power. Above all divine intervention cannot be underestimated. With God all things are possible. Put me in your prayers as I battle against mine. 

Please do share your experiences on addictions using the comment form below. I would love to hear from you.

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