Friday, 6 September 2013

Thank God its Friday...

So, how many of you noticed the new design? Of course you should unless you are blind. So what do you think about it? Nice abi? This is my first ever redesign since I launched this blog in September 2011.. yeah this blog will be 2 years old few days for now. *claps*

How many of you also noticed  way I unofficially changed  the theme of this blog. This blog started as a celebrity and entertainment blog, more like an inspiration I got from Linda Ikeji. It was doing fine though with the blog gaining popularity in the blogosphere. Then came the 'blog boom'. Every Dick,Tom and Harry opening blogs when they do its the entertainment niche. This boom has left us with a lot of crappy blogs and bloggers who all what they know how to do is use the CTRL C and CTRL V. Gosh I hate it when I see bloggers copy other people pieces like the word copyright never existed. But then at some point I was guilty of that though but that's by the way...I haff repented.

A blog in its original definition is more or less like an online diary. I have been following the blogs of some great bloggers with good sense of humour and an over abundance of the creative writing juice and I can't help but appreciate their blog.  In blogging content is king, original content especially.

So I am officially announcing to my esteemed readers today that Uwakwe Martin's Blog is no longer an entertainment/gossip blog but a personal blog. You want to get up,close and personal with me? Then keep a date with this blog. It will be a medium for me to air my views and opinions on whatever comes across my mind. I will try as much as possible to make my post humorous... You definitely gonna enjoy it. I have another blog I opened some time ago I intend working on it very soon.

Back to the topic.. Thank God its Friday again and for those us undergraduates at home, it doesn't matter. Everyday for us is weekend. For those of you who do have plans for the weekend lets hear from you.

NB: The second part of my Memoir will be coming up by tomorrow...its gonna be interesting. DO NOT MISS IT...

Love y'all.
Enjoy ya weekend.

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  1. abt d new design; there is too many of ur pix, i mean d one u were wearing a buttoned t- shirt.


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