Thursday, 19 September 2013

My Birthday Message to Linda Ikeji.

It’s not every day I get the opportunity to write about this wonderful personality, however today is another wonderful opportunity for me to appreciate the gift of her life to humanity. At the beginning of this year I listed her as one of the persons who influenced my year (2012) positively. If you want to know why, read it up here.

Today is her birthday and the least I can do is to write her this piece.

Dear Ms Linda,

No doubt you will  get inundated with messages today, probably so much that replying them all will be as impossible as licking your elbow. The over 500 comments I am seeing on your blog now is already intimidating. I understand that, it’s what you get when you are a celebrity. So, I’m not expecting any form of acknowledgement from you neither am I doing this for famzing sake…I’m not Don Jazzy. I just wish you find time to go through this.

I guess you must have taken a walk down memory lane; you must have done a self examination and reached the conclusion that life couldn’t have been any better. The beginning might have not been rosy but definitely your position now is enough to make the memories of less significance. You worked hard, you paid your bills and today you are living comfortably.  You look at your bank statement today and like Davido you feel like you are ready for retirement. That’s cool. It’s a life many of us pray and struggle for. 

As you celebrate your birthday, I think it’s important to remind you that as a public figure, so many people look up to you. People expect you to continue to use your blog not just as a means of propagating information/gossips but to pursue good causes. You wouldn’t understand how much you have impacted on people’s life through your blog and that it what life is all about; leaving it a better place than you met it.
Suffice also to remind you that your birthday is a time for you to open wide your ears to listen. It’s time to watch others dramatize your personality at the stage. It is a time to reveal to others what exactly you might have forgotten to do in life. Above all it’s a time of thanksgiving for the so many things God has done through your life, remember you are just an instrument in God’s hand and as Wale Adenuga Productions’ will rightly put, a pencil in the hands of God.

Finally, ponder over these few words below; you might need them some day.

L- Learn to accept criticism and take them in good faith, they can only make you get better.
I- Insist only on the things that glorify God in all you do.
N- Never fail to apologize when you hurt others.
D- Decide how you want to leave your life, its yours and not another's.
A- Always put your LIB readers first, they are the reason you are happy.

Finally, words are not enough today to describe how happy I am for you, perhaps most times I think of myself as being obsessed with your personality. You inspire me so much, I can’t but wish you the best life can offer, while waiting patiently for when the bells will ring…hope you understand.

Happy birthday and do have a fun-filled day.

Yours Sincerely
Uwakwe Martin Mundus


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