Friday, 30 August 2013

Indecency in Dressing; Any way forward?

If you live in a university environment like me, then I guess you must have seen it all, the bump shorts, pants, strapless, name them. That the culture of dressing well and modestly is eroding us is not the problem, what however is the issue is that this profanity is graduating eating deep into the fabrics of our society that we are beginning to see it as normal. After all it’s fashionable to dress down people will say.

A lot has been said and done aimed at curbing this trend but it seems we have reached the point of ‘no return’. This however, will not deter us from speaking against it. What I am doing here is to lend my voice to that of reason in strongly condemning this ugly trend.

 Regarding this matter of indecent dressing, there isn’t much to complain about against the males aside from “sagging” and the show business pattern of un-buttoning shirts to show off big neck chains and chaplets. The real problem squarely lies with the females. Most girls I’ve tried to talk sense into have told me that its fashion and they wouldn’t want to be left behind. I totally agree with them. It’s fashionable to dress skimpily, its cool to sag your pants, its trendy to wear tattoos, but then what has happened to modesty? What has happened to the dignity of womanhood?  

Most times I try to envisage what will be the dress sense in ten years time and I am totally at lost. People are already walking the streets almost naked now; perhaps we might be going back to the days of Adam and Eve. 

I totally agree that Indecency in dressing is as a result of civilization. It is alien to us in its entirety. But what do you expect when youths of nowadays will prefer to make Lady Gaga their role model instead of Onyeka Onwenu, Lil Wayne instead of Wole Soyinka. The former are people who aside from their success in their chosen careers have no life of their own. Almost every month you see some of these foreign acts baring it all in magazine covers and we are okay with that.

I wouldn’t want to take about the likelihood of molestation, because I don’t think dressing provocatively should give any guy the license to subdue and lay any lady against her wish. But then a hasty exploration of the attraction between the sexes is important here: In the animal world generally, it is the females that initiate sex. This they do through the transmission of chemical messages to the males about their heat and readiness to mate. In the Homo sapiens part of the animal world, this rule also obtains, but with a little exception. The males are attracted by sight, not chemical stimuli. The females, therefore, attract and captivate their attention by deliberately making themselves very beautiful and attractive. This female initiative is usually magnetising and irresistible to the males. And now, on top of the beauty, to worsen matters, some females add provocative and inviting exposures to the bargain. The sight of this usually sends most men fantasizing and out of control. Given that man is attracted to the female by sight, there is, therefore, a correlation between female exposure and male eroticism. It is indeed a straight line equation in which there is a direct proportionality between the degree of exposure and the magnitude of arousal.

Self control is strongly advocated among the males. But the males need to be genuinely assisted by their female counterparts, rather than being constantly subjected to heavy temptations and stimulated through all kinds of exposures. Most young men out there are not priests; even if they were, they are not all of the variety that has sworn to an oath of celibacy. Besides, even the priests themselves are still subject to human feelings, and sometimes do make mistakes.

Finally, for the sake of our children and posterity let’s try and be conservative in our dressing. Do not dress to kill. Indecent dresses does not improve your beauty, rather, they dent your image. Remember most dresses are meant for the walkways only.  

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