Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How often Do You Give money to People In Need?

Good day friends, its close to two weeks since I last posted here. How are you guys doing?

Okay, while growing up, I had this soft spot for beggars, not just beggars alone, but anyone who appear at any point to be needy. I felt that being privileged to have a little more than I needed I was obliged to leave behind  whatever I could afford at that moment

Unfortunately along the line I began to see myself lose that touch for beggars. A lot was responsible for this paradigm shift. prominent among these was the seeming stories I heard about beggars using your money for 'juju' even though I didn't believe the stories I heard, I wasn't going to joke with my future/destiny either.

Moreover; it became more annoying when the same set of people kept coming again and again. Give them today they resurface tomorrow. At a point I felt it was of no use giving them anything since it wont solve their problem.

What then will you say about those Amajiris who will literally lick your feet just to get money from you; Arrrrggh! these children are so annoying. They don't take 'no' for an answer.I don't blame these kids anyway, I blame the parents. They are just victims of circumstances.

I must confess that i still have that passion for helping out. I have devised other means of helping out without in anyway compromising my destiny; at least that was what I was meant to believe. I now do that under the auspices of St. Vincent De Paul, a sodality in the Catholic church.

Just this morning as I was heading to the bank, a young guy met me, someone about my age. He was unassuming and neatly dressed,  When he approached me he wanted to start with some preambles that I wasn't ready for. I told him to hit the nail on the head, already I knew where he was heading to. He told me he was stranded and needed money to go home. I told him to wait for me while I used the ATM. I came back and saw him still waiting patiently. He was  choiceless afterall.

I gave him the money and asked him where he hails from and he told me Imo State. "Where in Imo state?" I asked again. 'Isiala Mbano' he replied. I am from Isiala Mbano too so I asked further and he told me his village, and lo he is my brother on the maternal side from the same kindred. I asked him if he knew my mum's family and he answered in affirmative. I gave him some extra cash and collected his number. I was so happy and left the bank more fulfilled. That feeling you get when you know your help has relieved someone of some burden....awesome.

How often do you give financial aids to people in need?

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