Monday, 5 August 2013

Enjoying The Strike Or Not?

Okay… Its yet another Monday, the 36th day since ASUU declared its indefinite, total and comprehensive strike…whatever that means.  I have to confess that life is rosy when you do not have to run from one lecture hall to the other to make the front seat, Life is awesome when you do not have to always worry about what to eat, life is good when you eat good food not that poo they serve at ‘bukars’.

In other words life at home is more fun, its more comfortable and its worth my whole time, but wait! Didn’t they say ‘business before pleasure’?  Am I going to achieve all I have set out to if I sit at home and watch all the reality TV shows that hit my screen. What about my dream of becoming an  ICT consultant of repute tomorrow? It seems after all that I was going to choose the rough and not so-comfy path of struggle and handiwork.

Anyway, I just enrolled for some Computer courses here in Owerri. I have wasted one month doing nothing, nothing? I read a couple of books though. I don’t know if they qualify for something. ‘Attitude is Everything’ by Keith Harrel and ‘Richest man in Babylon’ by…….(forgotten  the author’s name) are all great books and I won’t regret ever investing my time on them. I am currently reading Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Half of a yellow Sun’ though it’s a late read but its better late than never. That woman is a great author, her narrative skill and adept descriptive acumen is unmatched. She is indeed in a world of her own.

Okay, enough of the blabbing, I intend mastering PowerPoint and Excel very well before the end of the strike. I also intend reading a couple of books also. Its definitely gonna be a long strike and I am braced up for it. See you next time I come around. Love ya’ll…

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