Friday, 9 August 2013

Are You IT Compliant?

That the world is going digitalized is no longer news but what is news however is that people are yet to fully understand how important it is for us to embrace these new technologies. Nigerians especially are yet to also understand that being computer literate is longer an option.It is a necessity. You either get  involved or you get lost.

Few months ago the media was abuzz with the failure of the NSCDC commandant to correctly tell us the name of his organization's website. Perhaps what was more funny about the whole scenario was not the fact that he was ignorant of the company's website but that he never knew that websites(domain name) ended with '.com' or any other extension. However many of us who made jest of the hapless officer might have been guilty of the same 'crime' if they were at his shoes.

I was opportune to collect forms for a scholarship application from undergraduates and I was shocked when someone wrote down '' as his email address; maybe he co-owns Google with Larry Page and Sergey Brin you never can tel.

Do I need to tell you once more why you should embrace IT? All our work related applications are now completely automated. True globalization has come about through IT. It has collapsed geographical boundaries and has made the world 'a global village'.People like me are able to operate their businesses 24x7, even from remote locations only due to the advent of information technology.

I cannot remember the last time I had to walk down to the DSTV office just to recharge or the last time I had to queue up in the banking hall just to pay in money into someone's account.

IT is making me lazy and I think I am cool with that. I rather be called a lazy brat and use excel to do my computations in few minutes than to spend hours scribing on papers.

The choice is your to make. You can either choose to take advantage of the opportunities it offers or you remain indifferent. Whatever decision you take, time will tell whether it was the right one.

And for IT students like me this sector is growing at a fast pace and is creating ample opportunities for deserving candidates with great pay packages. Now, are you ready for the challenges in this sector?

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  1. yea yea nice post, but the issue of paying in money online, dont u think that ur account is vulnerable to fraudulent...


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