Friday, 12 July 2013

The show Of Shame in Rivers State; My Opinion

I have followed closely the power play going on Rivers state with keen interest and never for once did I anticipate it going physical. The free-for-all that occurred in the Rivers State House of Assembly is not only despicable but highly condemnable and calls for urgent attention. 

I saw the footage and for once I was afraid of the fate of Democracy in Nigeria. The way and manner elected representatives descended on each other was ignominious. The mace was not spared as it was turned into a weapon.

I am singling out the self imposed Speaker Evans Bipi for outright condemnation. He not only brought hooligans to the House but immediately proclaimed himself speaker. Where does that happen? What has happened to democracy and the rule of law?

And to hear that the Police commissioner in Rivers state is jaundiced in the whole saga leaves much to be desired. I can vividly recall that the Governor at some point once raised alarm concerning the state of security in the state. According to him the state was becoming ungovernable. Though the CP has denied involvement in its entirety but the way and manner I saw him speak on Channels TV leaves me with no doubt that he has something to do with the tussle.

My fear however is that the end to the power play in Rivers state is not in sight, but I must commend the National assembly but wading into the matter. I watched on TV as the honourable members debated on the issue. They were unanimous as they condemned in strong terms the fracas that took place at the house and called on the IGP to investigate the activities of the CP. I was particularly impressed with the views of Abike Dabiri. She requested that Bipi Evans and the Police man that was seen on the footage mercilessly beating up the house leader should be thoroughly sanctioned.

What happened in Rivers state is not only a threat to democracy but a slap on the House of assembly as an institution and a whole-hog investigation should be carried out in order to forefend future occurrences.

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