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Ten Most Influential Students In FUTO

To be influential you must control people in a remote-control manner. Your word must be like a law. Your Platform of Influence must be the People Themselves and they must see you like a little god. They are powerful, they make or influence decisions that can affect the lives of thousands of Nigerian students in FUTO … they are influential!
When these men cough the entire school pays attention, their influence spans, politics, through to business and tutorials. If you are a FUTO student and you don’t know these people, you taught the devil how to lie.
In the 1st of many lists to come your way Infoscope in no particular order brings you our list of the 10 most influential students in FUTO

11.  Hon. Comr. Dr. Rotr. Israel Divine King.
Talk about those who have reached the crescendo of their political career in FUTO and you talk Divine King. He is an astute politician a legal luminary and an administrator to the core, a mentor and role model to so many other aspiring and young politicians. He was the immediate past Secretary General of the students union Government, Best graduating student SUG School of paralegal studies, and one time member representing his constituency in the Parliament. Think of a great man….think of Israel Divine King.

22.    Comr. Ikeh Uche Benzene:
‘Aluta Proficiency’ was his Karaa catchphrase and he did live up to that. Benzene as he is popularly called is a final year student of the department of Information management technology. He is the immediate past SUG PRO and the founder of FUTO students’ society of journalist. Benzene however made his mark not in politics but in tutorials. If you did GST 102 and GST 108 in school, then you definitely used Benzene’s material. Benzene arguably is the most popular student in FUTO and one of the greatest orators FUTO has ever produced. The Infoscope is indeed proud of him.

33.    Comr. Adeleye Samuel Brainbuster
He calls himself the god of Chemistry and it’s no flattery. Attend Brainbusters tutorial and you will be sure to fall under his anointing. Brainbuster is a student of Biochemistry and one time president of the department. He is a recipient of several scholarships and awards. There are just a few of his kind left. Brainbuster will no doubt fly high the flags of FUTO even after graduation.

44.       Comr. Chukwuobasi Precious:
The Okonjo Iweala of FUTO. A lady who believes that what a man can do, a woman can do and albeit better. Many call her the Iron lady because she is one of the few lady politicians that know their onions. A strong member of the Coalition and the immediate past Treasurer of the SUG. Precious is no doubt a virtuoso in her game.

55.       Rt. Hon. Justice Chukwukelu Vitus C.
Rt. Hon. Chukwukelu Vitus is a minister in the temple of justice, The Chairman of FUTO judicial council. The immediate past ‘Primus interpares’ of the FUTO Bar Association. He has reached the apex of his legal career in FUTO. His command of the English language is flawless and his knowledge of Latin is unmatched. Hon. Chukwukelu Vitus in his little stay as the Chief Judge of FUTO high court has repositioned the judiciary in FUTO and has brought it to the former glory.

66.       Comr. Rotr. Nwauzor Christy.
When next you go for any screening Test and you are asked who the First ever female acting President of the SUG FUTO is, don’t fail to mention Comr. Nwauzor Christy. A Very Proactive female politician of repute. She single-handedly managed the affairs of the union when it was under turmoil last year. She is a final year student of the department of information management technology and no doubt of the best female leaders the union has ever produced.

77.       Igwe Lawrence.
If you were a FUTO student in 2011 then you must know Igwe Lawrence. He contested for the position of the Director of Transport SUG and lost slimly to Comr Aloziem Chima.His Karaa catchphrase “Onward Movement” was the most popular then. He is the chairman of SMAT stakeholders in FUTO and a final year student of the department of Information Management Technology. If there is anybody you need his support in the students’ Union government then it must be Igwe Lawrence, not forgetting also that he is a strong member of the Coalition.

88.       Rotr. Iheanacho Williams:
The importance of some people might not be readily appreciated, not because they have made no input but because their inputs are latent. Williams is one of such men who run the background business of Politics in FUTO. He is one man who has reached the apex of his political career in FUTO. The current Chairman of the Coalition party in FUTO. Get his support and you are half way to victory.

99.       Obodozie Pachal;
Are you looking for one man who has combined his academics, politics and business so well they he is a master in all? Look no further. Pa-Chin Chin as he is fondly called is a great tutorial master of engineering drawing, an astute business man and a strong Politician. Eight out of every ten students you meet will tell that have been affected by his ministrations in ENG drawing. You want to learn how to make money as a student? You want to learn how to play the game of politics? Then meet Paschal.

110.   Okwudili Wilfred CCFR;
He is not a tutorial master neither is he a politician, but this list will be incomplete if his name is omitted. Wilfred is the Managing director of the biggest online community of students in Nigeria; Myschool Ltd. A recipient of the MTN foundation scholar, Wilfred is a final year student of statistics. He has been rendering educational services to students all over the country, little wonder he is referred to as the 1st students’ consultant in Nigeria. He is one student FUTO will always be proud of.

Nota Bene: For Certain reasons the Infoscope was able to profile only the final year students in this list.

Written and compiled by Barr. Uwakwe Martin Mundus
Editor-in-Chief/Founder ‘The Infoscope’

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