Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Writer's Pain

Going to town from school yesterday i was really enthusiastic, the same way I feel whenever I go to pick copies of the Infoscope news bulletin; The Infoscope is a weekly news bulletin in FUTO, of which i happen to be the founder/editor-in-chief. On this particular day I was more enthusiastic about getting the bulletin and sharing amongst Nigerian students, probably because it was a special edition centered on school politics and was loaded with lots of information that would interest Nigerian students.

This explained how disappointed and angered I would later be when I discovered the grave error made by my so called "publisher". My anger was ineffable and my countenance fell. How on earth did this guy interchange the two pictures I gave him , putting Kingsley's picture on Micheal's article and vice-versa.

As if that was not enough he back-dated the bulletin to May. How am I supposed to explain to students that it was actually  the current edition when the bulletin clearly states May 25th 2013. The mistakes were difficult to bear considering the time I put into this particular edition and the barrage of complains and questions I would be receiving from Nigeria students going back to school became no fun at all.

As expected I received the bashing from those who think i can do better. It was another experience gained,   I have now decided to do the designs and fittings on my own before sending for production. I promised the parties involved of putting up a corrigenda in the next edition.

Have you ever been disappointed by a printer/publisher; \lets hear from you.

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