Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Happy Birthday Bro. Chibuike Uwakwe

When some 23 years ago the family of Mr & Mrs Charles Uwakwe welcomed the birth of the first son of the house; Chibuike, little did they know that they were been blessed with a genius. Today marks the birthday of that genius, philosopher, writer and orator. As I always do whenever someone so dear to me celebrates his/her birthday, I will be using the few lines below to convey my unadulterated feelings and wishes for him as he celebrates his birthday today.

I came to know Uwakwe Chibuike some 19 years ago, where perhaps by chance I was introduced into the family of Uwakwe by nature. Growing up as a child I knew him to be the only brother I had. He is more than a brother, he is a friend an accomplice and a role model. Looking back at the 19 years of love and togetherness, I cannot but thank God for the gift of his life.

Saying that Uwakwe Chibuike influenced my life to a great extent is no exaggeration. I owe half if not all of my philosophies, ideologies and beliefs to him. He introduced me into the world of IT, as I remember with nostalgia those days when I will have to clean his shoes in other to follow him to the cyber-cafĂ©. He thought me how to write, dress and speak. He took care of me during my days in the seminary. He bought me my first phone.  His prayers were constantly on me.

He has been so impactful in my life that the history of Uwakwe Martin cannot be written anywhere without the mention of his name.

My advice to him is this. God has blessed him immensely with the gifts necessary for the work of salvation. May he make good use of those gifts purposefully and to the glory of God. May he be steadfast and loose not focus of the plans God has for his life for I see greatness in him.

Happy birthday Broda Chibuike. I love you, but God loves you most

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