Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Travails With Mr. Dawodu (A FUTO Lecturer)

When I woke up on the 26th of February, I was full of confidence knowing fully well I was going to write a test on a course I know and love so much; "Computers and Application" a 4-unit course and interestingly the course with the highest unit. From the beginning of the semester I had this confidence that come what may  CSC 201 as the course  is called was one which I would get an 'A'. For those who are conversant with the University grading system an A in a four unit course is no mean feat. It can do a lot of good  to your CGPA. This explains the brouhaha surrounding the proposed CSC 201 test which turned out to be a bad one for me. Continue reading to find out why I called it a bad one.

On that day, I had woken up by 5 am, took my bath, brushed my teeth, gulped down a cup of tea with the remnants of the Century 21 bread I bought the previous day. The day was bright, the confidence was high and the only thing on my mind was to go out there and tell the Computer Science department what stuff I was made up of. I left the hostel at about 6:15 for a cool and serene environment where I revised the course, taking time to cross my t's and dot my i's. I bet you that by 10:00am I was as confident as the Ivory Coast players when they heard they were going to face Nigeria in the AFCON quarter finals.(No pun intended). At this juncture the issue was no longer at passing the test, but at coming out with the maximum score. If anybody had told me that I will come out of the exam hall shedding tears like a 2 year old child who was forced to attend school, I would have simply branded him/her insane and an 'enemy of progress'

At this juncture I left the place I was doing my revision for my exam hall located near my department's office building since the test was to start by 10:30 am. My arrival into the hall coincided with the entry of the invigilator, a dark, hefty staunch looking man I later came to know as Mr. Dawodu. With a very hoarse voice He ordered us to get ready for the test and at exactly 10:40am the test began. I was presented with my question paper. Five cheap questions to answer in 3,600 seconds. "What the hell were these people taking us for?" was the question that popped out of my mind. The questions were relatively cheap compared to the ones written by the previous sets. I voraciously jumped on the questions, taking my time to answer the questions like a pro. In fifteen minutes I was almost through.

However, what happened in the next 10 minutes formed my decision to put down this. It was a very bad one for me as under my very own nose, I saw my precious 20 marks slip off me. First the invigilator seeing how voraciously I was writing probably thought I was a mercenary sent to lead some people into the promised land removed me from were I was sitting and sent me to the last row. However, this was not to take his eyes off me. I had barely settled in my new abode, when I saw him walk towards me and as an eagle would do when it sights a chick he swooped on my paper, rumpled it and in my own very eyes threw it out of the window. For few minutes I sat on my seat pinching myself making sure I was not actually in the world of Disney. I was transfixed, dumbfounded and shocked. Cold shivers were immediately sent down my spines. Is this man for real? I asked myself. Probably he never knew this was a four unit course. While still sitting on my sit bemoaning my faith and still trying to fathom what actually transpired, he ordered me out of the hall, and before I could say "Jack Robinson" he had already ordered the security men out there to take me out. It was at this point I knew he actually meant business. Was this actually happening to me? If me then why in this course? How on this earth am I going to get an A when my 20 marks is already parting ways with me. One striking thing about what this man did was that unlike in other peoples' case, he would simply pick up there answer sheets and walk them out of the hall, he actually rumpled mine and threw it out of the window. If he had actually submitted my uncompleted work I would be better-off since I was almost through with mine.

For the next 30 minutes I did everything humanly possible to get back into the hall for a 'second chance' despite the fact that I still know that I did nothing wrong. All pleas went on a deaf ears as the man threatened to slap me if I come forward with that "please sir" of a thing. For the first time in my life the meaning of the word "Insensitive" became so clear to me. Here I was crying like a child. Only if the man knew the impact his action could cause on my CGPA. When I knew how serious this was, was when he actually reminded the class that they have just 5 minutes to round up. The reality of the whole thing became clear to me. That I was loosing 20 marks already was no longer contestable. Minutes later he collected the scripts from everybody and zoomed off.

However, before he left I followed him to where he parked his motor-cycle and made him understand that what he did was wrong. I also made him understand that his action will in no way deter me from achieving my goals. What doesn't kill one, only makes him stronger, I consoled myself. That I am very good in Computer science is not to be contested, and that remains the fact. However, one thing I trust the lord is to do the impossible. I am fully confident that come April when the results will probably be released, I will come out with an "A". Though I accept that my chances are slim knowing fully well that I must have at least 70/80 in the main exam, not excluding the practical. It's a challenge. I wont fail to also write Mr. Dawodu, informing him once more of my displeasure and promising to surprise him with the maximum grade when the result comes out. For me what matters is what I've got upstairs. Other peoples' opinions/actions are infinitesimal and adds no value to my life. At this juncture I will be dropping my pen while getting ready to face my exams which will start in a weeks time. FUTO will surely celebrate me one day, the same way Harvard celebrated Gates. I rest my case.

Barr. Uwakwe Martin Mundus
IMT 200 Level

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