Saturday, 24 November 2012

AFCON Theme Song Competition; Don Jazzy To Give One Million Naira

Marvin Records Boss, Don Jazzy is set to give one million naira to the winner of the African Cup of nations theme song competition. In addition  the Winner Gets To Sing The Official Theme Song For Africa Cup Of Nations, produced by him. Below is the details of the competition;

Hi Everyone, 

Compliments of the season. Let me go straight to the point and tell you guys why we're here. I have been contracted by the good people at Samsung to do the theme song for the coming Africa Cup of Nations. This is an early birthday gift for me (Big smile) lol. So I have decided to share this great moment with you. I thought about it and decided that instead of using one of my known colleagues, why not use one stone to kill plenty birds.

How To Participate (Instructions)
1. Get and learn the chorus of Track 2 from the "FRENZY" Album by D'Prince ft Wande coal and Don Jazzy.
2. Record a video of you singing and performing the chorus (NOTE: You can sing the chorus the way it is or remix it how you like. you can sing it in Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, French or any African language you know how to speak well. You can sing on the instrumental or without it. You can perform with any instrument you can play too.
3. Create an ARTIST PAGE on TRUSPOT and upload your video. Name your video correctly e.g "JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES (COMPETITION)" Then share your video link on any social network platform to promote yourself.
Prizes (What's In For You?)
1. You stand a chance to win 1 million Naira
2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd runner ups get Two Hundred and fifty thousand naira(N250,000) each.
3. Winner Gets To Sing The Official Theme Song For Africa Cup Of Nations, Produced by Me.
4. You could be seen by a record label that might be interested in signing you. 
Why Am I Doing This
1. To give upcoming artists a platform to be heard and seen.
2. To share this beautiful opportunity with one of you.
3. To reward a few talented artists in my own little way.
4. Promote the "Frenzy" Album by D'Prince
5. To let upcoming artists know that they can start earning money soon whenever their songs or videos are being streamed on TRUSPOT
6. Cos I know there are thousands of talented singers like you out there and I am sure record label execs like myself are looking for you.
Verdict O' Clock
Deadline to submit entries will be November 30th, 2012. Winners will be announced on the 2nd of December 2012.
Ok I'm talking too much already. What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose as this is a win win situation. YOUR JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES TO STARDOM CAN START RIGHT HERE.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rafael Benitez appointed New Chelsea manager

Chelsea Football Club can confirm Rafael Benitez has been appointed interim first-team manager until the end of the season.

The owner and the Board believe that in Benitez we have a manager with significant experience at the highest level of football, who can come in and immediately help deliver our objectives.

The 52-year-old Spaniard is due to meet the players at the training ground in Cobham tomorrow.

The two-time UEFA Manager of the Year comes with outstanding pedigree. He began his managerial career in his homeland, most notably at Valencia where he built a reputation as one of Europe's top coaches by winning the Spanish League twice and the UEFA Cup. He then spent six years at Liverpool and led them to their fifth European Cup and an FA Cup.

Chelsea FC sacks Roberto Di Matteo

Chelsea Football Club has parted company this morning with Manager Roberto Di Matteo.

The team's recent performances and results have not been good enough and the owner and the Board felt that a change was necessary now to keep the club moving in the right direction as we head into a vitally important part of the season.

The club faces a difficult task ahead in qualifying for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League as well as maintaining a strong challenge for the top of the Premier League while competing in three other cup competitions. Our aim is to remain as competitive as possible and challenge strongly on all fronts.

The owner and the Board would like to thank Roberto for all he has done for the club since taking over in March. Roberto helped guide us to an historic Champions League victory and a seventh FA Cup. We will never forget the huge contribution he has made to this club's history and he will always be welcome at Stamford Bridge.

The club will be making an announcement shortly regarding a new first team manager.

Whats your take on This?

Friday, 16 November 2012


"Ghanaians, after thinking all round, I never knew what bad I had done to some Ghanaians, who specialize in telling lies, fabricating falsehoods to malign me and my ministry on the pages of newspapers and websites.

"For how long will I reply these? Many of such falsehoods have been written and published before now, even to the extent that when I see a vision for the nation of Ghana, I have to say it in parable, e.g. the word ‘revolution’ I said last time on Emmanuel TV and published in many Ghanaian newspapers e.g. Daily Graphic. 

"I am supposed to itemize the word ‘revolution’ in three stages but because of different perceptions by detractors who would give different meanings to it. The word ‘revolution’ is a fundamental change in a social system. It is also a great transformation in a given polity, occasioned by different circumstances or experiences of life, e.g. nature.

"I said in my last prophetic message that there would be a ‘revolution’. It was in parable. I used the word ‘revolution’ because I don’t want the detractors to use it for their selfish purpose.
The word ‘revolution’ is broken into three segments e.g. circumstances that could be caused by nature, politics, circumstances beyond human redemption. I am praying for the nation and the leaders.

"Let us all come together and stand for the nation in prayer. May God answer our prayer.

"The story published this week on Ghana Web and some newspapers, and broadcast repeatedly on Ghanaian radios that Prophet T. B Joshua “knows the winner of Ghana’s election; predicts round two of Ghana’s election; and speaks on Ghana’s election” – all these are false and fabricated by detractors to suit their selfish purpose.

"Ghanaians, don’t listen to the fathers of lies; they cannot force me to speak what God has not said. Enough is enough; touch not my anointed.

"My people in Ghana, we all fight similar battles, just camouflaged differently. Once again, all the stories were not from me. If there is any prophecy, you will see it on Emmanuel TV.

"God bless the nation Ghana. God bless our leaders."

Nkiru Sylvanus lashes Out On Linda Ikeji; Calls her Fake & Jobless.

My darling Linda Ikeji will not stop making troubles with these celebrities. Ever since she came into limelight it has been from one controversy to another(though it pays!). This time around it's between Linda Ikeji and Nollywood actress Nkiru Sylvanus.

Few days ago Linda Ikeji reported on her blog that Nkiru Sylvanus' appointment as the SSA Lagos affairs has been permitted. This was exactly how she reported it;
"I heard from a very reliable sources that actress Nkiru Sylvanus has lost her appointment as the special assistant to governor Rochas Okorocha on Lagos Matters. Yes, there's a position like that!.The Abia state born actress had been battling several people since her appointment last year, who felt  she didn't deserve the position as a non-Imo state indigene and also because they felt the appointment was meaningless and unnecessary as they didn't understand her job specification. They also felt she got the appointment because of her 'friendship' with the governor and not because she knew anything about running a public office. These people worked tirelessly to get her out of government house, and if what I'm hearing is correct, they've succeeded."
However the nollywood actress who just returned from vacation in Dubai  didn't take it lightly with Linda Ikeji as she lashed out on her calling her fake and Jobless. Responding to the report on her Facebook page  She said;

"I am aware that one fake, jobless blogger called Linda Ikeji has been peddling news about me saying I lost my appointment with Imo State Government. For the records, I was the Lagos Liason Officer, SSA Lagos Affairs which has been taken over by Lisa and I am now SSA on Public Affairs. And this happened 5 months ago when there was a cabinet reshuffle. For my fans who still love and believe in me, God will always be faithful. For those who want my down fall, sorry I am the wrong person because I stand tall and strong."
          -Nkiru sylvanus

This blogging Job no easy...Oya Linda come clear yourself...Let the battle begin.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nollywood Actor; Pete Eneh Is Dead

The Nollywood family has once again been thrown into mourning following the death of Nollywood veteran Pete Eneh. Pete Eneh, who had his leg amputated last month following an undisclosed infection died at Park Lane Hospital, Enugu.

May his soul rest in peace.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Photos From Wizkid's Performance at the BBC 1Xtra Show

Wizkid was selected as one of the headliners for BBC 1xtra Concert, yesterday November 12, 2012 at Brixton Academy in London.
Watch the video of his performance  Here

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

T.B. Joshua Predicted The U.S Election. (Video)

On Sunday, November 4, 2012, during a Live Sunday Service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua revealed a prophetic message concerning the 2012 American elections. In the prophesy he prophesied of a very close battle between Obama and Romney and asked the congregation to pray for Obama. However Obama has just been declared winner with about 303 electoral votes against 203 as of the time of putting up this. 
Congrats to Obama.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Birthday Reflection

As I celebrate the addition of another year to my life I think it's pertinent to take an appraisal of my life especially the last one year for according to Socrates "an unexamined life is not worth living". I think ones birthday shouldn’t just be an opportunity to party around with friends, receive gifts and messages. It is far above that. It is a time for one to take stock of his life. A period to re-examine ones life. it is a period to ask oneself if him/her has actually impacted to humanity in the little years him/her has been in existence.  I belief that the primus goal of life is to  actualize that pre-determined destiny. For according my bible before we were brought into existence our lives' have been determined and set by the supreme being. Though this has been  subjected to several debates among philosophers. Some argue that if our lives have been already determined by a supreme being then definitely we are bound to play along the script, hence infringing on our freedom and free will.

However the essence of this piece is not to begin some philosophical argument, rather to pass across the message of living a purposeful life.

The past one year of my life has been the best year of my existence, upon few days of celebrating 18th birthday I was greeted with, so far the best news I have heard in my life; my admission into the Federal university of technology Owerri to study my dream course "Information Management Technology". It was a dream come through. I was eager to join the league of "undergraduates". I began making calls breaking the news to friends and relative who cared.

Getting into FUTO, I was determined to make an impact. I told myself I was not going to be among those who just pass through the institution without allowing the school to pass through them. I never wanted to be among those that watch things happen rather those that make things happen. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I knew that with hard work, persistency, determination and the right attitude I will definitely make it.

The university I must say is  "Uni" indeed. There is absolutely nothing the university doesn't offer; the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a conglomeration of so many people from different backgrounds, religions, race e.t.c. My major fear at first was if I will adapt very well to the new environment. I was particularly  uneasy because it will be the first time in my life I will live without regulation from my parents, guardians and teachers. There was actually no one to wake you up in the morning shouting at you for waking late, neither were there any one to restrict my movement. I needed no permission to leave the school. It was indeed a world of my own. I knew it needed a high sense of self-discipline, which is not always easy to inculcate.

However as days turned into weeks and weeks into months life as an undergraduate began to teach me a lot of things. For the first time in my life I saw myself being independent. I began to think like a man, the stark reality of life began to dawn on me. I began to see life as something rugged. I began to understand that by the grace of God in the next five years I will be an graduate and life after then will not be fair if I do not begin now to shape it in my favour.

I was opportune  to attend a seminar by "Niyi adesanya". For those who knew him, he is a great speaker and motivator. He taught me so many thing about life. According to him if we were to succeed in life then we need to start now as students to make things happen. He taught us the importance of imbibing that spirit of entrepreneurship. He told us that great men who have succeeded in their fields of endeavour did that, not on a platter of gold but while their contemporaries slept, toiled all through the night.

All these experience have been impactful on my life. Looking back at my little achievements in the past year I am full of thanks to God for his graces, favours and mercies. I am also full of thanks and gratitude to my parents and siblings. They are the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Without their support and encouragement I don’t think I would have been able to do anything. Without jeopardising my academics I successfully initiated and started a weekly news bulletin I called the "Infoscope" in school. My aim of starting such was to bridge the gap between students and quality information. This was  in addition to my blog (www.naijaedutech) which has been a source of Information for Nigerian students. By the grace of God my blog will be year older tomorrow 4th Nov. My blog has turned from an avenue to inform students on happenings in the academic world  to a source of income.  I enrolled into the FUTO school of paralegal studies and I was successfully inducted into the legendary FUTO bar association. I hope to use this medium to reach out to Nigerian students who are constantly victimised and rubbed of justice for "ubi juus ubi remedium".

Finally the last one year has been full of positive achievements for me. I am doing all these not just for the sake of doing, but because I have my mind set on something, which is the actualization of that pre-determined goal. I am doing all these because I know not what the future holds for me. My advice for Nigerian youths like me is simple. Great men are those who work and toil all through the night while their contemporaries sleep. You can choose today to be a great man or instead otherwise, the choice is yours. At the end, your life will be evaluated by how well you have actually impacted on humanity and how you have actually fulfilled your purpose here on earth. I leave you all with this Latin maxim "Quid quid agaz, prudentia et respil finale"

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It will be impossible to respond to the over a hundred messages I received. I am really happy to have friends and relatives like you. Remain blessed.

Uwakwe Martin Mundus

N.B: Forgive me if the post is too long. I needed to talk about a lot.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Boko-Haram Gives Conditions For Seize Fire

Members of Jama’atul Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad also known as Boko Haram have said they are now willing to seize fire and stop all atrocities being perpetrated by their group and work against other existing groups if the State and Federal Government will truly heed to their demands.

The acclaimed spokesman of the group, Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulazeez, who doubles as the second-in-command (Amir) to their leader Imam Abubakar Shekau revealed this in a tele-conference with journalists in Maiduguri on Thursday stating that if the state and the federal government want the group to seize fire completely, then former Borno state governo,r Ali Modu Sheriff must be arrested and prosecuted according to the law of the land.

He also said that apart from the arrest of Senator Ali Sheriff, government should compensate the group and rebuild their places of worship which were destroyed during 2009 uprising.

Abu Abdulazeez further stressed that, all their members who were arrested and are under the custody of security agencies must be released with immediate effect, and all their wives who were displaced following the crises as well as their children must be rehabilitated into the society to create room for a fruitful dialogue with the Federal Government.

He pointed out that for a dialogue to take place, it must be through the following elders namely: Dr. Shettima Ali Monguno, Former Head of State General Muhammadu Buhari, former Yobe State Governor, Bukar Abba Ibrahim, Ambassador Gaji Galtimari and Barr Aisha Alkali Wakil and her husband, Barr, Alkali Wakil, insisting that the dialogue must not take place in Nigeria but Saudi Arabia, as according to him, the government of Nigeria is not sincere for dialogue due to its betrayal in the past.

Pm News Apologises To Mrs Ajimobi For The False Publication

A statement from the Management

Mrs Florence Ajimobi, wife of the Oyo state Governor,
returned to Nigeria Wednesday morning from the United Kingdom.

She literally walked into a maelstrom, triggered by reports online 
that she was arrested by the London Metropolitan Police.

Understandably, she devoted her press
 conference at the Murtala Muhammed Airport to debunk the reports.

Just like Mrs. Ajimobi, has had to cope 
with a turbulence of its own as reactions poured forth over its online report 
that appeared to give a seal of authenticity to earlier reports by some bloggers that Mrs.
Ajimobi was arrested by the Metro Police in the UK.

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