Friday, 28 December 2012

Masta Blasta Band Wins 2012 Calaber Carnival Contest

The Masta Blasta band has won this year's edition of the Calaber Carnival. They beat the defending champions Passion 4 to take up that No.1 spot.

Passion 4 band came second and the Third Place went to Freedom Band!
The Calabar Festival climaxed on Thursday with the four competing bands Passion 4, Freedom, Seagull, Masta Blasta and Bayside engaging in a feat of musical gyration, artistic and well choreographed dance steps in a highly entertaining manner that “threw the audience into spellbound celebration.”
Besides the five bands, other non-competing bands, such as the visiting Brazilian Samba group and Vai Vai entertained the audience as they went on the 14- kilometer street parade that terminated at the U.J.  Esuene Stadium where the winning team was announced. Congrats to Masta Blasta Band.
Masta Blasta Band is a limited liability Company incorporated in Nigeria, whose core business is efntertainment, using the festival of Carnival as a tool forunlocking the economic potential of the Cross River State Carnival as an ideal time for playing big in Carnival Calabar and presenting itself as the viable cultural and entertainment option of choice by parading the best costume and float ever in Cairnival Calabar.

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