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Linda Ikeji: My Role Model and Online Personality of the Year

On that faithful Sunday afternoon on the 26th of November 2006 when Linda Ikeji decided to join the blogosphere, little did she know that her blog would turn out to be the number one entertainment blog in Nigeria in the next five years.
The journey of a thousand miles they say starts with a single step and with the single step of her first blog post she kick-started after having been inspired by a post written about her on

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Linda Ikeji's First Blog Post

Linda, a graduate of English Language from the University of Lagos hails from Nkwere in Imo Sate of Nigeria. She was born into a family of nine. Life according to her was not rosy at first as she struggled through thick and thin to come to limelight.

The story of Linda Ikeji's blog and her rise to stardom can be likened to Jonathan's “I had no shoes story”. According to her, in her
several posts, though she was not born with a silver spoon, she rather had to struggle from her childhood to support herself and her family. She made this situation known especially in her reply to Toke Makinwa in early 2012.

Linda Ikeji launched herself into the modeling world in 1993 when she was still 17 and carved for herself a niche in the profession she once loved so much. She was once quoted to be the highest paid model in Nigeria, after entering into mouthwatering deals with MTN and other cosmetic firms back then in 2003.

However, after seven years of active modeling, she felt she was getting too old for the camera and runways and decided to make way for young and upcoming models. She set up her own modeling outfit which she called the Blackdove Models Management. She got the inspiration for her brand name from Silverbird (a colour and an animal) She also started a magazine called “FM & B” magazine which was published just thrice before she got occupied with her blog.

More importantly, the purpose of this piece is not to write a biography on this great online personality, but to use her as a case study in showing people how hard work, perseverance and the right attitude to life can propel one to success.

For anyone who has been into the business of blogging, you will readily agree with me that blogging is not easy. It's not something that you start today and expect to reap the benefits tomorrow. It indeed requires several hours of dedication every day to be able to come out with something. She as any other blogger/webmaster struggled with traffic, she had always begged her readers to drop comments on her post as a way of motivating her. Looking at her blog posts now and seeing the amount of comments she gets on each post, I feel very inspired and motivated.

Few days ago, I decided to check out the archives of and I was really impressed by the way she started. From her first blog post I saw the determination and zeal to succeed. I also saw the love she had for writing. Anyone who read that first post of hers will definitely not be surprised when he/she sees or hears Linda Ikeji being called the highest paid blogger in Nigeria. It is as a result of long years of determination and consistency in what she loves doing. She has a passion for writing and that has kept her going. Her mind was not set on fortune but rather on fame. She did her best and today she is been celebrated.

The lessons to learn from this lady are enormous. They include how to develop passion for what you like doing, how to remain dedicated to it and finally how to be consistent in it. So many businesses are been opened every day, but according to Niyi Adesanya, 60% of those businesses do not last after a year. When it comes to blogging, you could be easily discouraged because it actually takes time to become an authority in any niche you have chosen for yourself. However, if you remain passionate about it with a bit of dedication and consistency, you will definitely get to the top. It will only take some time.

Another thing I attribute to her success is the way she relates with her readers. Her sense of humour and writing skills leaves nothing to be desired. Unlike so many other bloggers, she is not anonymous as she relates her day-to-day life on her blog. This has endeared so many to her.

Furthermore, I strongly agree with her, in her reply to Toke Makinwa on April 19 2012, that she is indeed a role model to Nigerian girls. In her own words this is what she has to say to Nigerian girls "… God has given you something no one else has. Find what it is and build yourself. Don't worry about what other girls around you have. Dignity is far more valuable than a range rover. Make it in life on your own terms and as your own woman, so that you can look back one day and be proud of who you were and who you are."

Finally, she has carried out so many humanitarian services through her blog. I cannot forget how she helped a young girl out of prison after so many years of incarceration and how she raised money through her blog for the treatment of Okene overseas. History and posterity will never forget this great blogger, author, ex-model, prospective wife and mother to be.

Having being a longtime admirer of her personality and having being a vivid reader of her blog for close to four years now, she is no doubt my role model. She has inspired me and so many others so much, especially those who also share the same passion with her; writing and giving out information. I can comfortably write a thesis on this so-inspiring character but save for time. Therefore, I will be ending this piece by naming her My Online Personality of The Year.


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  3. Yes oo Imma is right not every read will have the time to read lengthy post like yours. Though lengthy post is good for traffic.keep it up


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