Monday, 31 December 2012

Five Personalities Who Made My Year.

It has been a very wonderful year for me, with great achievements and accomplishment. However it is apposite to at this juncture to recognize those who I felt helped make this year remarkable for me, for according to Coyan Doyle the author of Valley Of Fear' "Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius." Below is the list of personalities who made my year worthwhile in no specific order.

1. Uwakwe Chibuike MFC.

He is the publisher of, an author and a renowned orator. He has carved a niche for himself in the world of 'pen and papers'. He is not just a brother. He is a friend and a mate. He gives me all the encouragement and support I need. I feel so happy having a brother who shares same ideology with me..

2. Linda Ikeji.

She is no doubt the most celebrated blogger in Nigeria. Named by Forbes as one of African's most prominent women in 2012. As a blogger, I have always looked up to her. The way she connects with her readers and her sense of humour has endeared her to me. For me she is the perfect definition of what a true woman should be. Whenever the history of Uwakwe Martin's Blog will be discussed, her name will not go unmentioned as the one who motivated me to start one.

3. Okwy Wilfred.

He is one of the brains behind Nigeria's biggest online community of students;, a seasoned students' consultant and manager. During the course of my work in school as a journalist I was able to meet him for an interview, and since then I have been filled in the aura of his personality; cool, humble, intelligent and progressive. I feel elated to associate myself with him.

4. Niyi Adesanya.

He is a human capital consultant, a motivational speaker, a trainer and an expert on the subject of leadership. Niyi Adesanya is leadership personified; an inspiration to many. He is the Principal Consultant for FifthGear Consulting Firm. A firm with a vision to, “Help organizations achieve their best, through building and sustaining a culture of leadership that can maximize productivity, engender growth and promote harmony.” I met him during a seminar in my school organized by Etisalat Nigeria under the auspices of ClickFest. His presentation on entrepreneurship has kept me going all through the year. I call him my mentor.

5.Toyosi Akerele.

Toyosi Akerele is a respected inspirational and mindful young leader who is celebrated for National Leadership in the service of a larger cause.
A worthy alumnus of the United States Government’s Prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program for emerging Leaders, she was in June of 2011 described by Mrs. Michelle Obama the First Lady of the United States as one of her personal inspirations in a televised address to America as a prelude to her arrival in Africa for the Young African Women Leaders Forum of which Toyosi remains the only Nigerian member till date. I came to know her after she appeared on one of my most favourite TV shows 'Teju baby face show'. I simply love her spirit

Who made your year? Let's hear from you.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2013.

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