Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Birthday Reflection

As I celebrate the addition of another year to my life I think it's pertinent to take an appraisal of my life especially the last one year for according to Socrates "an unexamined life is not worth living". I think ones birthday shouldn’t just be an opportunity to party around with friends, receive gifts and messages. It is far above that. It is a time for one to take stock of his life. A period to re-examine ones life. it is a period to ask oneself if him/her has actually impacted to humanity in the little years him/her has been in existence.  I belief that the primus goal of life is to  actualize that pre-determined destiny. For according my bible before we were brought into existence our lives' have been determined and set by the supreme being. Though this has been  subjected to several debates among philosophers. Some argue that if our lives have been already determined by a supreme being then definitely we are bound to play along the script, hence infringing on our freedom and free will.

However the essence of this piece is not to begin some philosophical argument, rather to pass across the message of living a purposeful life.

The past one year of my life has been the best year of my existence, upon few days of celebrating 18th birthday I was greeted with, so far the best news I have heard in my life; my admission into the Federal university of technology Owerri to study my dream course "Information Management Technology". It was a dream come through. I was eager to join the league of "undergraduates". I began making calls breaking the news to friends and relative who cared.

Getting into FUTO, I was determined to make an impact. I told myself I was not going to be among those who just pass through the institution without allowing the school to pass through them. I never wanted to be among those that watch things happen rather those that make things happen. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I knew that with hard work, persistency, determination and the right attitude I will definitely make it.

The university I must say is  "Uni" indeed. There is absolutely nothing the university doesn't offer; the good, the bad and the ugly. It is a conglomeration of so many people from different backgrounds, religions, race e.t.c. My major fear at first was if I will adapt very well to the new environment. I was particularly  uneasy because it will be the first time in my life I will live without regulation from my parents, guardians and teachers. There was actually no one to wake you up in the morning shouting at you for waking late, neither were there any one to restrict my movement. I needed no permission to leave the school. It was indeed a world of my own. I knew it needed a high sense of self-discipline, which is not always easy to inculcate.

However as days turned into weeks and weeks into months life as an undergraduate began to teach me a lot of things. For the first time in my life I saw myself being independent. I began to think like a man, the stark reality of life began to dawn on me. I began to see life as something rugged. I began to understand that by the grace of God in the next five years I will be an graduate and life after then will not be fair if I do not begin now to shape it in my favour.

I was opportune  to attend a seminar by "Niyi adesanya". For those who knew him, he is a great speaker and motivator. He taught me so many thing about life. According to him if we were to succeed in life then we need to start now as students to make things happen. He taught us the importance of imbibing that spirit of entrepreneurship. He told us that great men who have succeeded in their fields of endeavour did that, not on a platter of gold but while their contemporaries slept, toiled all through the night.

All these experience have been impactful on my life. Looking back at my little achievements in the past year I am full of thanks to God for his graces, favours and mercies. I am also full of thanks and gratitude to my parents and siblings. They are the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Without their support and encouragement I don’t think I would have been able to do anything. Without jeopardising my academics I successfully initiated and started a weekly news bulletin I called the "Infoscope" in school. My aim of starting such was to bridge the gap between students and quality information. This was  in addition to my blog (www.naijaedutech) which has been a source of Information for Nigerian students. By the grace of God my blog will be year older tomorrow 4th Nov. My blog has turned from an avenue to inform students on happenings in the academic world  to a source of income.  I enrolled into the FUTO school of paralegal studies and I was successfully inducted into the legendary FUTO bar association. I hope to use this medium to reach out to Nigerian students who are constantly victimised and rubbed of justice for "ubi juus ubi remedium".

Finally the last one year has been full of positive achievements for me. I am doing all these not just for the sake of doing, but because I have my mind set on something, which is the actualization of that pre-determined goal. I am doing all these because I know not what the future holds for me. My advice for Nigerian youths like me is simple. Great men are those who work and toil all through the night while their contemporaries sleep. You can choose today to be a great man or instead otherwise, the choice is yours. At the end, your life will be evaluated by how well you have actually impacted on humanity and how you have actually fulfilled your purpose here on earth. I leave you all with this Latin maxim "Quid quid agaz, prudentia et respil finale"

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It will be impossible to respond to the over a hundred messages I received. I am really happy to have friends and relatives like you. Remain blessed.

Uwakwe Martin Mundus

N.B: Forgive me if the post is too long. I needed to talk about a lot.

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