Saturday, 20 October 2012

GLO All Expense Paid Trip To Old Trafford Is A Scam?

I saw this story on a popular Nigerian forum and I couldnt help but wonder what these telecom companies take us for. Its high time the NCC stand up to their responsibilities. This is exactly as the victim of their scam promo reported it.

You can only imagine how the mobile telecoms operators are just extorting and defrauding Nigerians with there ill taught out promos and lottery. Just the other day one of them proposed to hand over an airplane to a randomly selected winner shocked what higher form of con-tricks are there. 

Well you haven't seen it all trust me, as even our own indigenous operator, Globacom Nigeria pulled their own scam stunt on innocent victims/winners of there all expense paid trip to Manchester promo to watch man-u live at old-traford since last year September, imagine an ordinary trip to the uk for a few winners they cannot provide even with the enormous profit being skimmed out of the pockets of Nigerians, measuring into billions on dollars yearly. How much more the ones promising aeroplane to just a random customer mcheeewww angry .

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Surprising but true, It happened with a Glo promo which i was confirmed winner of the trip to the United Kingdom, Scheduled for sometime before the Ending of Last year December 2011... and up till date i haven't seen any effort by Globacom to fulfill their pledge.

The presentation of my price winning as seen in the picture which is attached to this write up was televised by two TV stations NTA and Channels, during which i had an interview session with reporters from NTA telling Nigerians how true and real the promo was, and thanking them plentifully little did i know embarassed, as well as two other National Newspapers The punch and Guardian Newspapers a copy of the guardian newspaper which i have.

My efforts to reclaim my winning was to no avail as i kept calling the promo manager Mr Wole Bankole and he kept telling me month after month since October last year that the management was still sitting to decide on the matter, not until May this year that he finally opened up the true nature of what had transpired as false and in his words he said "They are not going to send me on any trip anymore and that i should go ahead and do my worst"
Since then i had sent a letter to them by a lawyer in Afe Babalola requesting specific performance, and copied the NCC they replied NCC saying that they were unable to procure entry visa, that i should go get a visa for my self then they might consider sending me on another trip. 

Eventually after struggling with the intervention of NCC and the Ministry of justice Lagos with several meeting appointments many of which they did not show up at all as well as numerous letters, they came up with there silencer for me the noisy troublemaker, that i should take N200,000 and shut my mouth or else i go meet them in court. 

You can only imagine how manipulative they are, after all the publicity they used me for, not even covering the amount i have spent so far in getting them to eventually talk, considering that i won the star price and even at the event, other consolation prices that were won included 1,000,000 for some other winners. Well they have good bases for the confidence in the multinational legal entity they must be parading, even resently i heard from someone his own story of the exact same thing that happened to him in this same glo promo scam in 2009 and he got away with nothing well he did not have sufficient evidence. 

Is this how the trend should be allowed to continue in this country? should they be allowed to deal all sort of dubiously with Nigerians and get away with it as frequently as they want?

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