Monday, 13 February 2012

Hello Guys!!! It has Really Been A Long Time

Hi guys, I really apologize for my low activity on this blog. it has really been tedious and difficult for me all this while running around in school. i promise to make it up with you guys in no distant time.  I'm just taking time to settle down in school. I wanna use this opportunity to reach out to all Whitney Houston's fans all over the world. it was really painful waking up on Sunday to hear the bad news of her death.

That's by the way. How did the Grammy go? Did you watch it? I heard Nikki's dressing was simply out of the world. Do you think Adele did well to merit all those awards?..... {This guy dey ask too many questions jorr} Yes I need your answers.

I don't know how tomorrow gonna be.... I will be very busy with my lectures and YEAH tomorrow is champions league and I got to watch my favourite team play, yes Chelsea I hope they don't fuck me up again.

Shaa na only una be the val wey i get So I'm using this opportunity to wish all my readers a fun filled val. You are really the reason why I exist."{Yes... I can say that again} To all those who have shown their love towards this little blog of mine, I send my unreserved love.... You are simply the best.
Muaaaah see you another time.

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  1. Hey there Martin how's it been going, don't worry bout your low activity everyone has stuff to do and a few days of absence is understandable. Yeah, still can't get over the shock of Whitney Houston's death. And as a Chelsea fan myself I too hope they put their failures behind (Everton really hit us hard) and sail though the round of 16 and from there who knows?


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