Monday, 16 January 2012

Yvonne Okoro & Yvonne Nelson In Another Soft Porn Movie?

I cannot just understand why any Actress who is hell bent on taking her career to a higher platform such as Hollywood (no that is even too much, Bollywood) will ever contemplate in starring in a movie titled ‘3 Some’ unless she has a plan B.

How will you even put this movie on your resume? Everyone reasonable person who sees the movie ‘3-Some’ written on a resume will first think of something…

I don’t want to waste my time bashing Venus Films for being poorly creative because it is obvious that they couldn’t just be bothered and can’t be also bothered with the growth of the career of these Actors and Actress…

What I find worrying is the route Yvonne Okoro is swiftly taking as far as her young career is concern…Is she just desperate to pay her bills or what? Come on, can’t you people for once in your life reject scripts or movies with titles which will demean your career instead of helping it grow? And don’t give me the working title BS this time.

I won’t even bother with the content…If the package is rubbish, what will possibly be in it? Is it not time for us to move away from these meaningless but sex oriented movie titles?

I pray we don’t get bombarded with these things this year too…I am really tired but it seems a lot is on the way… Are we ever going to get there?

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