Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Aso Rock to spend N18.4bn on fuel, lubricants, telephone this year

Wonders they say shall never end. At a time when the nation is complaining of lack of fund the Aso Rock has decided to spend a whooping N18.36B this year alone on lubricants and fuel. Now I know exactly why they turned dead ears to the pleadings of Nigeria earlier this year when the so called fuel subsidy was removed. Below is how Vanguard reported it.

The Presidential Villa, otherwise known as Aso Rock, will spend about N18.36 billion this year for fuel and lubricants.
Also, N237,370,200 will be spent by the State House headquarters. Of this figure, the office of the President will spend N168.722 million for fuel and lubricants, while N68,647,329 will be spent on lubricants by the Vice President.
The State House is also expected to spend N75, 131,589 on plants and generators for both the headquarters and that of the Vice President, with the headquarters spending N54,329,366 while the Vice President will spend N20,802,589 on fuel for generators alone.
The Presidency in the budget for the year would spend N577.543 million to replace aged vehicles in the presidential fleet while N15, 215, 500 has been earmarked for maintenance of plants and generators, N137,827,111 for the maintenance of office/IT equipment, N382,317,777 for maintenance of motor vehicle/transport equipment and N122,466,733 for other maintenance services.

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