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Michael Jackson judge bars skin doctor from testifying

The judge in the forthcoming trial of Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray has barred the singer's dermatologist from giving evidence.
Dr Murray's lawyers had wanted to argue that Arnold Klein injected Jackson with the painkiller demerol "for no valid medical purpose" and that the star became addicted to the drug.
The judge said it was "not relevant".
The defence plan to portray Jackson as an addict who may have given himself a lethal dose of the drug propofol.
Dr Murray, who was hired by Jackson to help prepare for his planned July 2009 comeback concerts at London's O2 arena, was in charge of administering the anaesthetic to the star.
He has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.
Neverland raid
In court in Los Angeles on Monday, Dr Murray's lawyer Edward Chernoff said the defence's position was that Jackson was addicted to demerol and was withdrawing from it when he died in June 2009.
But Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ruled that Arnold Klein would not be called to testify after prosecution lawyers said the defence wanted to transfer responsibility for Jackson's death to the dermatologist.
Prosecution lawyer David Walgren also said Jackson's autopsy found no traces of demerol.
Dr Conrad Murray Dr Conrad Murray faces up to four years in prison if convicted
The judge also barred the defence from calling five of Jackson's other former doctors to give evidence.
But he allowed them to call Allen Metzger - who had treated Jackson for two decades - and anaesthetist David Adams.
Jackson had asked Mr Metzger for intravenous medicines to help him sleep two months before his death but the doctor had refused his request, defence lawyers say.
And Mr Adams had given propofol to the singer on a number of occasions after dental work.
A nurse who treated Jackson in 2009 will also be allowed to testify.
Meanwhile, Judge Pastor has also ruled the defence cannot call any witnesses to testify about Jackson's 2005 trial and acquittal over child abuse charges, saying it would distract the jury.
And he also refused a request to bring up a 2003 raid of the singer's Neverland Ranch in California in which defence lawyers say propofol was found.
Jury selection for the trial is due to begin on 8 September with opening arguments due to begin on 27 September.

Seven die in twin Chechnya suicide attacks

At least seven people have died and 15 have been injured in two suicide attacks in the Chechen capital, Grozny, reports say.
According to Interfax news agency, the attacks took place during celebrations in the troubled Muslim region of Russia to mark the end of Ramadan.
Five of those who died were police officers. An emergency official and a civilian were also killed.
The first bomber detonated his explosives when detained by police.
The second set off his device shortly afterwards. Both blasts took place in a densely populated district of Grozny, some 50m from a local parliament building.
Chechnya's Kremlin-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov said the attackers had chosen "the most sacred day for all Muslims" and said they had "shown their real faces".
Correspondents say the incident in the capital Grozny is a reminder that the region is far from stable.
Last year, Moscow declared victory against Chechen separatists and there has been a relative lull in the violence under Mr Kadyrov.
But the whole North Caucasus is seeing an insurgency led by Islamist rebels, correspondents say.

NAFDAC List of Shortlisted Candidates for Aptitude Test & Interview 2011

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), a Federal Government Agency, charged with the mandate of ensuring the health of the nation with a view to attracting and retaining the best in the industry, has shortlisted more than ten thousand applicants (10,000) for the NAFDAC Recruitment Exercise and Aptitude Test to take place on Saturday 3rd September, 2011 at the:

Lagos Center : Unity Secondary & Junior High School, Oshodi, Lagos, (After Oshodi Bus Stop), Along Oshodi Isolo Expressway.

Abuja Center: Government Secondary School Tudunwada, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja


You are requested to come with the following to your examination center

1. Curriculum Vitae and copies of your credentials.
2. Photocopy of page where your name appeared online.
3. Means of Identification (National I.D, International Passport or Driver's License)
4. 2 recent passport photographs.
5. Writing materials (Pen, Pencil and Eraser).

For more info, visit NAFDAC Shortlisted candidates

Gaddafi’s daughter gives birth in Algeria

Gaddafi’s daughter gives birth in Algeria

ALGIERS-(AFP) – Muammer Gaddafi’s daughter gave birth to a baby girl in Algeria Tuesday as Algiers said it decided to grant safe haven to the wife and three children of the ousted Libyan leader for “strictly humanitarian reasons.”

“Aisha gave birth very early this morning. She had a little girl. Mother and daughter are doing fine,” said a government official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Earlier Tuesday, foreign ministry spokesman Amar Belani insisted that Aisha, her brothers Mohammed and Hannibal, as well as their mother Safiya, Gaddafi’s second wife, were allowed into the country “for strictly humanitarian reasons.”

Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council criticised the announcement from Algeria, which has not recognised the NTC as Libya’s new authority, amid speculation that Algiers backed Gaddafi through the months-long conflict and is troubled by his downfall.

The newborn girl was named Safiya, after their grandmother, according to the daily Ennahar, which said the family crossed via the Tinkarine border post in the far south and was flown 400 kilometres (250 miles) northwest to Djanet, where Aisha was admitted to hospital.

The family was placed under house arrest in the desert town, the newspaper said.

“We have informed the Secretary General of the United Nations, the president of the (UN) Security Council and the president of the executive council of the NTC,” Belani said in an e-mail sent to AFP.

Belani was commenting on a request issued by the NTC for the return of the Gaddafi family members.

When the Algerian foreign ministry on Monday announced the arrival of the Gaddafi family, the rebels’ justice minister Mohammed al-Allagya told AFP that the Algerian authorities would be asked to send them back to Libya.

The spokesman of the rebel government, Mahmud Shammam, said on Monday evening that the NTC had been told by Algeria of the family’s arrival.

“We’d like those persons to come back,” Shammam said, adding that Algeria had given them a “pass” to go to a third country.

“Saving Gaddafi’s family is not an act we welcome and understand,” he told a press conference in Tripoli late on Monday.

“We can assure our neighbours that we want better relations with them … but we are determined to arrest and try the Gaddafi family and Gaddafi himself,” Shammam went on, saying the rebels guaranteed a “fair trial.”

Algeria stands apart from other north African nations like Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, which have all recognised the NTC as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people, leading some among the rebels to accuse Algiers of supporting the Gaddafi regime.

Pierre Vermeren, a French researcher at the African affairs centre in Bordeaux and expert in north African affairs, said ties were “more than cold because the Algerians do not recognise (the NTC) and for months there have been rumours of help by some elements of the Algerian army for the Gaddafi regime.”

“While the Algerians welcomed the fall of (Zine El Abidine) Ben Ali (in Tunisia in January), they didn’t seem happy with the fall of Gaddafi.

“(Algerian President Abdelaziz) Bouteflika has said nothing,” Vermeren pointed out.

With Gaddafi’s whereabouts still a mystery, there has been speculation that he is hiding out among tribal supporters in his birthplace, the coastal town of Sirte.

Rebels say they are negotiating with civic and tribal leaders to try to broker Sirte’s peaceful surrender.

Algeria has “since February been accused of supplying military aid to Gaddafi, particularly by providing planes to transport mercenaries,” said Didier Le Saout, a north African expert at Paris university.

“Algeria will be the state in the region with the worst relations with the new Libyan authorities.”

Mourad Benmehidi, Algeria’s ambassador to the UN, told the New York Times that the spouses of Gaddafi’s two sons and daughter also crossed into Algeria, along with several of their children.

Algeria has also closed its borders with Libya in the far south, El Watan reported on its website, quoting Algerian officials.

Algiers, according to the report, wants to block Gaddafi loyalist fighters from fleeing into Algeria to avoid further strain relations in its ties with the NTC.


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