Friday, 2 December 2011

Nigerian Idols Hits Your Screens From The 4th Of Dec. See TV Shedule

As I promised earlier I will keep you constantly updated on this season's Nigerian Idol.The Premiere took place successfully at the Genesis Hotel in Lagos and now viewers at home are ready to catch fun as the show begins airing officially on the 4th of December.I bring below to your viewing pleasure the TV shedule.

Local Station Sunday & Friday 90Mins Sunday 90mins Dec. 24th-March 24th-Friday (30Mins)
Sun 4th till Sun 25th Dec SAT.1.30:2:30PM,Sun 4-5pm sun.4-5.30pm sat. 2.30pm-3pm
Sun & Sat 6-7pm 5.30-7pm sat. 2.30pm-4pm
Sun. 2.30pm-4pm,Fri.1-2.30pm Sun. 2.30pm - 4pm Fri.7.7.30pm
Sat. 6.00-7.30pm , Sun.6.30-8pm Sun. 6.30-8pm Fri.7.30-8pm
ESBC ENUGU Fri & Sun 10-11.30pm Sun.10-11.30pm Fri.7.30-8pm
Sat. 10.00-11.30pm , Sun.7.30-9pm sun 7.30-9.00pm Fri. 8.30-9PM
Fri. 3.30-5PM,Sun.8-9.30pm Sun.8-9.30pm 8.30-9pm
Sun.5;30pm -7pm, Fri.8.30-10pm sun.5;30pm -7pm 9-9.30pm
Dec. 4, (4–5.30pm) Sat. 1–2pm Sun. 4.30 – 5.30pm 8.30 – 10pm 8.00 – 8.30pm
Fri. 7.10-8pm,Sun. 2.30pm-4pm 7.10-9pm 7.10- 7.40 pm
Sat & Mon 5-6pm Sun. 9.30-11pm sat. 2.30pm-3pm
HITV ( For Real TV ) Sun.& Sat. 8-9.30pm 8-9.30pm 8.8.30pm 
I will keep you guys posted.......Enjoy the show

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