Monday, 5 December 2011

Did our First Lady actually Said this?

I actually saw this on a friend's wall.They are English allegedly murdered by our first lady? Did she actually said this?
1.   My husband and Sambo is a good people.
2.   The President was once a child and the Senators were once a children.
3.   My fellow widows.
4.   A good mother takes care of his children.
5.   The people sitting before you were once a children.
6.   Yes we are all happy for the effort, it is not easy it is not easy to carry second in an International competition like this one. (addressing press men after Female Under 19 FIFA World Cup).
7.   The bombers who born them? Wasn't it not a woman? They were once a children now a adult now they are bombing women and children making some children a widow.
8.    My heart feels sorry for these children who have become widows for loosing their parents for one reason or another.
9.    We should have love for our fellow Nigerians irrespective of their NATIONALITY.
10.  Thank God the Doctors and Nurses are responding to treatment. BONUS SHOT. I would rather kill myself instead of committing suicide. :)

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