Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I feel so bad for the editors of Marie Claire. They got Kim Kardashian for their December cover, and the interview was apparently conducted a few weeks before Kim filed for divorce. So there are lots of quotes from Kim about how happy she is with Kris Humphries and how well she knows herself and all of that, but there was still enough time in editorial for the writer to include that “In late October, it was announced that Kim would file for divorce, just 72 days after she and Kris tied the knot.” If I was the editor over there, I might be tempted to simply redo the issue with another (emergency) cover girl. I suspect that Kim made an enemy out of Marie Claire for the way she screwed them over for this cover story. Anyway, here is the full story and here are some of the highlights. In retrospect, it’s fun to laugh at how Kim was so full of herself.

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  1. Kim Kardashian was born in October 21, 1980 in an American family. She is a television personality, actress, model, and recording artist.


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