Friday, 4 November 2011


I am not good at making poems but this time I'm gonna sing and hum a short one for you guys.
"At last all powerful NDLEA you give leave to your servant to go home in peace for he's free according to the court. For your eyes have seen hi-tech juju  which he prepared for you people. An eye opener to you guys and to give glory to all babalawos"

That's how I felt like describing the whole situations I actually coined it from the "NUNC DIMMITIS"(a catholic hymn).
By the way, he was released this morning at the order of the court after satisfying all bail conditions.
However, as at the time of this report, Vanguard gathered that the NDLEA is awaiting the report of its legal team, said to be in a marathon meeting, on its next line of action.
More details later

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