Sunday, 9 October 2011


I couldn't help laughing off my self when I heard what Osaze Odemwingie said after the match. After missing the best chances of the match the blame should have been on him but alas he decided to shift the blame to Prophet TB Joshua.

He said "Yes, I would say I am sorry to Nigerians for not playing according to expectation and I believe I did not play well in the match. But the prediction of Prophet TB Joshua really affected us.
"We thought we could see him and see how he could overturn the negative prediction but the officials came with another prophet who prayed for us and told us that all was well.
"But in all we did not do our own bit of the job well as players and we are not happy that we won’t play at the forthcoming Nations Cup."
"My hope was high before the kick-off. We are really sorry for disappointing Nigerians. It is a sad day for me and my colleagues.

"The coach has done his best but we the players really messed up."
But come to think of it while didn't they go and meet the prophet................That was a silly mistake. mtcheew

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