Saturday, 29 October 2011


It was a night filled with tension as the first Eviction show of the MTN Project fame saw Joe and Kamar leaving the academy.
The show began with wonderful performances from the contestants on probation.
Finally it was the time for the “main thing” Joseph Benjamin pulled out Ethel’s name from the envelope as the contestant saved by West Africans.

The judges after a long deliberation finally agreed to save – Aziga.
The faculty was left with the tough decision of who should be saved.  Wondering perhaps who has the most potential? And in the end saved a very relieved Emmanuel.
That left Zaliha, Joe and kamar.  All of them pensively looking at their friends wondering who would save them???
Zaliha heaved a sigh of relief when the first few votes where for her, but with 8 other votes to come, would she be saved?
Votes swung to kamar and then Joe but the last two went to Zaliha sending her back to the academy. The show begins again tomorrow. Watch out for your favourite contestants and don’t forget to watch this space for more updates on the show……..watta a feeling

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