Thursday, 20 October 2011


According to Wikipedia the online encyclopedia Revolution is a fundamental change in power or organization structure that takes place in a relatively short period of time.
2011 have been widely seen as a year of revolution as a year of revolution and protest. The Tunisians began it. The Egypt followed suit, and so was Libya, Bahrain and Yemen and so many other street protest like the London riot.
Of note is the fact that the revolutions which occurred these year stemmed out of bad governance and the inability of the people to trust the leaders with the administration of the country. Ousted Tunisian leader Zine el Abidine Ben Ali enslaved the people of Egypt for so many years and subjected the citizens to untold harsh policies.Mubarak  of Egypt was a dictator never thought of leaving power not after he has been told that the people no longer wanted him. Ghadafi of Libya felt that Libya was his private property hence over his dead body could anyone take it away from him which has just happened. His tyrannical rule was something many feared him for.
However I have been comparing what happened in these countries prior to the revolutions and the current state of our country Nigeria I was trying to find out the possibility of revolution in Nigeria.
Surprisingly, and as if he knew what I was battling with, the Edo state Governor Adams Oshiomhole stated in blank words that the only thing that could save Nigeria is a revolution, while the president of the presidential committee set up to investigate the post election violence in the north while submitting its findings and recommendation to the President told him that if imminent actions were not taken to address some pressing issue then the nation would be facing a possible revolution.
Having studied carefully major revolutions like the French revolution of 1789, The Russian of revolution of 1917, The Egyptian revolution, The Tunisian revolution to mention but a few I came to an understanding that the main or major reason for revolts is the peoples inability to trust the affairs of the country on its present leaders, hence a need for a total change and overhaul of the political structures. Such was also the case in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.
That leads us to the question “Has Nigerians lost confidence in their present political leaders and structures?”  Nigeria is a country of over 150 million citizens and a nation which has witnessed several stages of leadership; the colonial rule, the military rule and the present democratic dispensation. Nigerian is one country that has endured several years of living in poverty despite its rich and abundant natural resources. Nigeria is a country that boasts as one of the largest exporters of crude oil. All things being equal Nigeria would have been among the few world powers while commanding large human resources. Another question that arises now is “Why do Nigerians bath with spittle when they live right inside the ocean.”
However, the responsibility of one’s nation lies mainly on its leaders. So the Nigerian situation is no exception as the main problem of Nigeria has been on bad leadership and corruption on the part of the leaders. Government upon government has continued have continued to milk the nations resources dry, at the expense of the entire populace .The leaders have only succeeded in playing on us “the more you look the less you see” on the poor masses.
This is so since a Nation blessed with abundant natural resources could not even provide the very basic amenities. Roads are mere death traps. Education is dead already. The health system is in decay and an apology to the very essence of humanity. Security of life and property is an uphill task since the very people saddled with that sole responsibility have joined the bandwagon of corruption. Citizens can no longer sleep with both eyes closed for the threat of either the Boko Haram or that of Kidnappers. Power generation has been a caricature.
A country where a president during campaign boast of subsidizing petroleum at #65 only to  give reasons why it should be removed after he was voted in. we are in a  country where leaders continue to promise of increasing the power generation without actually fulfilling it. A country where corruption have reached its apex. A country where promises are meant to get votes only.  A country that plays on the intelligence of its citizens; giving you with the right hand and collecting it back with the left hand as it is the case with the new #18,000 minimum wage and the removal of fuel subsidy. Countless are the reasons why I think Nigerians have totally lost faith in their present leaders. These are the reasons why Nigerians could occupy the streets of Nigeria tomorrow in a great revolution that will not only shake Africa but the world at large.
Finally if the government does not attend to these very pressing issues of the Boko Haram/insecurity, removal of fuel subsidy, minimum wage, ASUU strike actions, corruption etc. then I bet you that the nation is on a sure way to a great revolution that generations unborn will talk about. Let’s keep our fingers crossed while hoping for a divine intervention from God because the situation I believe it’s really out of hand. Long live Nigeria.

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