Sunday, 30 October 2011


The battle for who makes it through to The Contest of Champions in Batch B is getting intense with the eviction of Mary-Wealth and Kikelomo from Ososo forest. Both ladies were evicted after they failed in the third task in the Gulder Ultimate Search which ran on television last night.

Unlike the batch before it, there appears to be a more spirited competition from the male folks in Batch B. Currently, both sexes are tied with respect to the number of evictees. Two men (Kenneth Iheme and Goodluck Ohio) have been evicted so far while the same number of women,(Mary Wealth and Kikelomo) have suffered the same fate, unlike in Batch A, where three men and just one woman were evicted at this stage.

The atmosphere also appears to be more convivial compared to that of Batch A, with Tony Horsfall and Chigozie assuming the title of father and mother of the other contenders. They are joined by the other Tony and Christopher. Together they ensured that there is hardly a dull moment in the camp.

However, it was not all a rosy affair as tempers rose following the confession of Tony Igwe that he stole part of the garri meant for the contenders. It was left to his namesake, Tony Horsfall to pronounce judgement on the self confessed garri thief: a reduced portion of the next meal.

The task of the day proved to be even more physical than the one before it. The contenders were each required to put 15 oranges into basketball-like nets hanging on tall poles. Getting the oranges proved to be the major obstacle in the challenge as they had to cross a stream sloping downwards to fetch the oranges and then cross the stream back again in order to put the oranges into the basket. It did not help that the contestants had to cross down a slippery sloppy stream to get to the oranges. Climbing back up wet slowed the contestants. That was not all. They had to go under and over wooden barriers before crawling under a cargo net. Only after surmounting the aforementioned could they ‘net’ their ball.

The contestants bolted to action following Darey’s signal. As their baskets filled up following trips to retrieve the oranges, the contestants’ strength began to diminish. Soon their movements were limited to huffing and puffing along.

Tony Horsfall’s basket got the 15 oranges mark making him the first contestant to complete the task. This would be the second task he would be winning after he won the very first task of batch B. Christopher, who started brightly ended up as second followed by the Anthony Igwe. Sandra was the first lady to complete the task. Theodora was the next, followed by Chigozie. Kikelomo was the seventh person to finish while Mary ended up last.

It was the end of the road for the two last contenders as they were evicted last night at the place of the talking drums.

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