Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Kelvin Durst, Anastasia Azike and Promise Ojiegbe have written their names in the Golden book of the Gulder Ultimate Search. Reason? They are the first set of contestants to qualify for the GUS 8 Final Showdown: ‘The Contest of Champions.’

Geraldine Obi, who was a leading contender, having put up splendid performances in all previous tasks, was the surprise evictee. She crashed out, narrowly missing an automatic spot in the Contest of Champions. She could not withhold the tears as it dawned on her that GUS 8 journey had come to a premature end. As Anastasia and Promise basked in the euphoria of their victories during the day’s task, they attempted to console Geraldine. It proved abortive as the tears appeared to flow more out of the eyes of Geraldine. Perhaps, Geraldine had a premonition of her eventual eviction as she cried, shortly before the contestants headed out of their camp to meet Bob Manuel Udokwu, for instructions on the day’s task.
All three contestants looked exhausted. The jungle life and the excruciating tasks which they had to embark on daily definitely weighed them down.
The day’s task entailed each of the contestants running across a stream to fetch pieces of jigsaw puzzles in four sacks. They however had to glide back across the stream using a rope after which they were to arrange the puzzles to form an object.
Kelvin’s strength worked for him as he ran across the stream and glided the rope back to the starting point with ease. This gave him ample time to solve the puzzle, emerging the clear winner. The three girls could not muster the strength to glide the rope across the stream, after two unsuccessful attempts thus, the Council of Elders, through Bob Manuel, decided that the girls could cross the stream on foot back to their starting point to complete the puzzle. Anastasia solved her puzzle first, followed by Promise. For her failure to solve the puzzle, Geraldine, the underdog turned leading contender, was requested to hand over her bandanas to Bob Manuel and exit Ososo Mountains.
At the place of the Talking Drum, Bob Manuel informed Kelvin, Anastasia and Promise of their new status of ‘Champions.’ They shed their former status of ‘Contenders’ having qualified for the ‘Contest of Champions’ stage. The seal of the Vizier, the symbol of loyalty, integrity, honesty and authority, was also handed over to Kelvin.
For now, Kelvin, Anastasia and Promise can heave a sigh of relief as they temporarily exit camp; trading the life of survival, starvation, wet grounds and the unease of jungle life for that of seeming civilization, cozy beds and proper food.
All hope is however not lost for Kehinde Fadojutimi, Samuel Lazarus, Affram Oladunni, Franklin Inegbedion, Adu Elizabeth, Ilenre Alvin and Geraldine Obi – all evictees on the show. Viewers have 24 hours to vote for them by sending text messages with contestants name to 30380 for viewers residing in Nigeria and 2348100981184 for viewers outside Nigeria. Viewers can also vote through the Gulder Ultimate Search website ( and the Facebook page on

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