Wednesday, 5 October 2011


An 85 year old man Seville one of the Europe's wealthiest aristocrats and duchess of Alba yesterday wedded a 24 year old civil servant yesterday wednesday

Hundreds of onlookers gathered outside the palace, waving fans against the hot Andalusian sun, to catch a glimpse of the flamboyant duchess whose colourful clothing and cloud of frizzy white hair are a mainstay of Spanish gossip magazines.

The twice-widowed duchess, known for her love of flamenco dancing and bull-fighting, ventured outside the palace to greet well-wishers after the ceremony. She threw her bouquet of flowers into the crowd and danced flamenco in front of a forest of TV cameras.
The Duchess of Alba, the third woman to hold the title in her own right, married her first husband in 1947. They were married for 25 years until he died of leukemia.

She walked up the aisle with her second husband, a former Jesuit priest, in 1978. He died after 23 years of marriage.

"I am a practicing Roman Catholic, that's why I'm marrying for a third time, unfortunately my two previous husbands died," she has said.

Alfonso Diez will leave his civil service job following the wedding to live in a 16th century palace in Seville alongside his new wife.

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