Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The usually annual ritual of celebrating final year examination with fan fare was cut short with the death of a final year student of Federal University of Technology (FUTO) Owerri. The deceased, who was said to be asthmatic, joined other graduating students of the institution in a drinking spree to celebrate the successful writing of their examination. The dose of excess drinks and cigarettes was said to have instigated a major crises for the student. An eye witness said that when the condition of the student became worst, a hostel mate volunteered to convey him to FMC Owerri, where he was alleged to have given up the ghost before they reached their destination.

However, a different twist was introduced into the tragedy when the parents of the deceased suspecting foul play, was said to have reported their sons death to the police, accusing the student who volunteered his car to convey him to hospital as the murderer. A detachment of Policemen who came to arrest the accused student, was said to have met a strong resistance of students and villagers, who barricaded the whole place, preventing the police officers to effect their arrest. According to an eye witness, a near blood bath was averted by the intervention efforts of some elders in the village, who pleaded with the police officers to go without accomplishing their mission. However the police is making investigations on the matter.

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