Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I was listening to the governor of Imo state Owelle Rochas Okorocha when making a state broadcast on his first 100 days in office today 27th of September and I was really fascinated by this man’s speech. His speech really made me start viewing with a new and different perspective because he really has good aspirations for us.

I was particularly struck when he mentioned that henceforth all Imo students will be given monthly allowances of #100 each {#300 per term} for the student’s upkeep. He made serious emphasis on the allowances to be given to student’s and stated categorically that he will not take it lightly with any school, principal or teacher who withholds the allowance of any child. As if that was not enough he also ordered for the cessation of the PTA fees which students were used to paying, he also promised running the Imo state schools the way he runs his own school the Rochas Foundation College stressing that school uniforms and books will now be given to student’s without paying a dime.
He again flawed all those who go about insinuating that free education is not obtainable anywhere in the world, advising people not to always use other countries as a yardstick stating that Imo state is indeed unique.
He talked about his journey to Japan, China ,Singapore and London in search for foreign collaborations and aid Saying he wants to make Imo state the China of Africa.
However he listed his weakness as lack of bureaucracy and due process in his words “I can’t follow due process” saying it slows down government which is against his philosophy. He ended the speech by assuring all Imolites the Egyptians they saw yesterday {OHAKIM} they shall see no more.
Finally I just wish he actualizes all his dreams and aspirations for Imo state before he …………………………………..

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